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Bargain hats, freebies and dead dough

I’ve bought a hat 😄 In actual fact….. I bought two 😮 This week has been extra manic, with lots going on, too much really, but in a good way. Monday saw me trying to catch up with paperwork, so much has piled up during the six weeks I have... read more

LBLUK – Day 5

End of Day 5 – yay, FINISHED! Breakfast today was more bannocks, all jam ones this time. That was the last of those, they lasted well.           Lunch was some potatoes, cooked in the microwave, with roasted vegetable hummus on them.... read more

LBLUK – Day 4

Another lovely sunny day today. We walked up to Cade Street and watched Dame Heffle release the cuckoo to usher in the Spring. Watched some Morris dancers, looked at all the different stalls, 59 this year. I’m sure there are a few more every year. Got a lovely... read more

LBLUK – Day 3

Delicious breakfast this morning. I made some bannocks yesterday and had two with some roasted veg whizzed up into a hoummous, and two with some home made damson jam. And the ubiquitous large glass of water to wash them down with. The bannocks recipe is here. Do try... read more

LBLUK – Day 2

Day two almost done Porridge and jam again for breakfast. It’s not as filling made with water. or rather, it is filling, but it goes down quickly and I want something else after a couple of hours. Went to a U3A Science group meeting this morning. Very good,... read more

LBLUK – Day 1

One day down – four to go. First up was breakfast. Porridge, made with water and served with jam to sweeten. I did modify the purchase here. I have lots and lots of pots of home made jam, so decided to use one of those. The one I chose is a damson jam made when... read more

Sunshine, Snaps, Seeds and Sowing

What a glorious day today.  We went down to Hailsham to speak with a photographer for the wedding, he had some lovely shots, as you would expect, and seems like a nice chap. He gave me the number of a friend who does flowers. I don’t need loads and loads, just a... read more

Stuff for free at Latest Free Stuff

I’ve been looking at the Latest Free Stuff website recently. Have you been there? The site is stuffed full of all the latest free stuff you can get from all kinds of different places. There is a core team of three (Deepak, Laura and Francois) running the site,... read more

Two books and a lipstick

I read two books about dementia recently, one after the other. I didn’t plan it that way. It just came about. The first was Elizabeth Is Missing. We see things through the interpretation of Maud and she is the person with dementia. Maud is convinced that her... read more

Peanut butter and jam mug cake, mmm, too easy

I was inspired to try this pudding this evening by Skint Mum over on the Skint Dad blog who made a chocolate mug cake. DP is mad on peanut butter on toast at the moment, so I made this peanut butter and jam version. I used a large mug and put into it 2 tbslp sugar 2... read more

Curries, U3A and wild garlic

Had the U3A Cooking On A Budget group here yesterday. Seven people came, and we had a lively, chatty afternoon. We made Tomato Dhal, Sambar, Chickpea, Coconut and Mango Curry and a Nan. We managed to fit it all in the 2 hour time slot easily, and still have time for... read more

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