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Lots of phone calls and a few tickets

Rail Cards As husband and I are using trains more often, I decided it was time to get a Senior Railcard. We are due to travel soon, so I thought I'd combine the two. Off I went to the Railcard site. Ah, I thought, lets have a look at discount vouchers first. So I had...

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A Sunday walk that left me feeling refreshed and uplifted

Just a quick post today to tell you about some free fun we had today. Walking is the most popular leisure activity in the UK. It's good for our well being, our health, obviously, and all sorts of good things health wise can come from it. And I'm sure the fact that...

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OMG! These are AMAZING! Gingery soy sharp apples

Mike went to the Co-Op this week and came back with one of those little magazines that supermarkets do. One of the recipes caught my eye. It used pears, but we eat our pears unripe, straight from the tree, still crispy. I thought it would work well with the apples...

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Changing silk flowers to suit the season

I've blogged before about silk flowers, showing what I chose for both a spring and summer arrangement. I like to keep a large arrangement in my kitchen to brighten up the place. I have a base arrangement of plain green leaves in a 'glass' vase, and each season, I add...

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Cipolline in Agrodolce (Onions in Sweet and Sour Sauce)

One of the many books I bought recently was Gastronomy of Italy from the wonderful Anna del Conte. We did 4 recipes from the book today at the cookery group I run for my local U3A, including this one for Cipolline in Agrodolce or Onions in Sweet and Sour Sauce....

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Chicken and leek crumble

We had a roast chicken on Friday, so I had lots of lovely leftovers to do something with. This is the first thing I did, a lovely buttery leek base, along with the chicken, in a white sauce, and topped with an oaty savoury crumble with a hint of stuffing. The topping...

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And finally, our ultimate destination while away, Rothbury

After spending time in Newark and York, we arrived at our destination for a week, Rothbury. The reason, amongst others, that I wanted to explore this particular part of the wonderful Northumbria is that I wanted to go and see the Alnwick castle gardens. Originally, I...

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What we did in York while we were away

On our way up to Rothbury, and back down again, we stayed in York for a few days. What a beautiful city, and so full of history, starting way back in 75AD with the Romans. On the day we arrived, we walked for miles around the city, investigating The Shambles, amongst...

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Practically free soup using old veg and peelings stock

Diet The diet started again yesterday and the 3 pounds I'd gained have gone again as of this morning. Went to help our eldest do some unpacking yesterday as they moved whilst we were away - good planning on our part I thought! Left theirs needing a shower after (not...

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We’ve been away. This is what we got up to in Newark

Did you guess we'd been away? I hate not been able to tell you about our adventures whilst they're happening, but it's horribly easy to find my address, and you never know who's listening do you. Don't want to put an advert out, come and rob this house, they're away!...

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What I’ve been reading lately

Couple of good reads for you today. I've got through a lot of books lately, and in amongst some not so good ones, or ones I would be embarrassed to recommend (so so scifi) are these two crackers Mice The first is a thriller called Mice, by Gordon Reece. Gordon writes...

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How Supermarkets Get Us To Buy What We Don’t Really Need

Researching this blog post has been absolutely fascinating. I was aware beforehand that we are constantly being influenced, without being aware of it. And I knew a couple of the ways it was done. I have discovered SO many more! Some of the many ways we can be...

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