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A whole days filming and sundried tomato sandwich filler, 9p

Long day today. Had a film crew here all day today from Bold Content Video for the Money Advice Service. They arrived shortly after 9:00am and didn’t leave until nearly 7pm. We worked all day, doing all kinds of shots, stills and video. An unbelievable amount of... read more

Music and MAS

Went to a gig in Kentish Town last night. The legendary blues guitarist Walter Trout. Two years ago, Walter nearly died before receiving a liver transplant. This track, Almost Gone, was written about the time he was waiting for a liver transplant to happen, or not.  I... read more

Fishless kedgeree, 64p, or use it as vegetable rice, 25p

After the recent report on the need for all of us to reduce the amount of red meat and minimise our intake of processed meat, I have been looking for alternative sources of protein. We didn’t eat massive amounts of it, but a lot more than the two portions a week... read more

Using breadcrumbs for dinner

Went to a U3A meeting this morning on Science. One of our number talked about Astronomy. We discussed the immense distances involved and moved on to the possibility of life elsewhere. The presenter is a chemist, so we had a very interesting discussion around why... read more

A trip to Uckfield

What a lovely evening that was yesterday. we started off in the restaurant where we enjoyed a lovely penne pasta dish packed full of loads of different vegetables, pine nuts and rocket. I even splashed out on a lemon tart pudding. We lost track of the time a bit and... read more

A trip to London

  Phew, well yesterday was a packed day. I finished off the prep for the WI lunch, loaded it all into the car, limping up and down the steps to and from the car, and took it all over to the hall in Waldron. I have developed a bit of mild arthritis in both hips... read more

Busy, busy and banana cake

I’m pretty tired right now. I’m doing the catering for the WI AGM lunch tomorrow for 40 people. Chicken casserole with mushrooms, carrots, onions and tomato, served with green beans and new potatoes. Followed by lemon pot, with fancy little biscuits and... read more

Fish, waste and poverty

Had the U3A budget cookery group round this afternoon. We did some mackerel things. I showed how you can make 8 portions of lunches and dinners from a pack of two smoked mackerel fillets, each portion being less than 50p. Each recipe makes 2 portions. We made mackerel... read more

Meal plan 10 – Pea fritters and chips, 17p, vegan

Had this for lunch today. It’s a dinner from Meal Plan 10.  I used a potato rather than frozen chips, as on the plan, as that is what I had. I chopped it up into chips, skin and all and dusted it with a pinch of garlic powder and tandoori spice, my favourite.... read more

Loving Leftovers

I couldn’t wait for Christmas could I! I succumbed and bought Hugh’s latest book. Am so glad I did, it’s his best yet. You may already know that I am a bit of a fan of his Hughness and have most of his books.  I love his style of writing, his... read more

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