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Love Your Leftovers – Takeaways

Takeaways. We buy them, we eat them. Then there may or may not be leftovers. Our takeaways are usually of the Indian variety and there is often several spoonfuls of sauce left in the container. Any use left in that? And what about all that aluminium in the containers....

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Love Your Leftovers – Coffee

Leftover Coffee Coffee grounds - do you do anything with yours once you have enjoyed your lovely fresh coffee? The leftover grounds are coarse and acidic.  I usually just chuck them on the compost heap, the worms love the nitrogen in them, or I tip them at the base of...

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Gorgeous Granola Breakfast Bars, 24p. Super simple to make

Fancy a bit of baking on this cold and rainy Sunday? How about these Granola Breakfast Bars. They make a handy grab it quick  and run out the door type of breakfast. Good for you too, with slow release oats and a bit of fruit in there as well. Mike loves the Sainsbury...

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Love Your Leftovers – Bread

The simplest way to avoid waste is to keep your bread in the freezer. Slice it first if necessary. Then just take out what you want , when you want it. That way, you won't ever have any stale bread. Even if you are that organised, bread is one of the most wasted items...

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Bacon & ketchup paste, BLT on the cheap!

Had a lovely twiddly play in the kitchen yesterday. Made some more Fruit & Nut Case paste. I had enjoyed the last of the previous batch on a couple of crispbread. Spread generously, and topped with value soft cheese, it was a glorious interval in a busy day. When...

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Would you like £5 for free? No, it’s not too good to be true

I was recently introduced to Zeek, have you heard of it? It's a website where you can buy and sell gift vouchers at a discount. Why would you want to sell at a discount I hear you ask? You may have a voucher given to you for a shop you don't like, or you might have a...

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Chow mein, 61p. Lots of variations

Although our favourite takeaway is an Indian one, we also like a Chinese now and then. When we do, we invariably get the same things each time, including a plain chow mein. I've been meaning for ages to work out how to make it so that it is as similar to the takeaway...

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Things you may never need to buy again. Items 6 – 9

Most home made cleaners use the same few ingredients in different combinations. Vinegar, borax, washing soda, bicarbonate and essential oils crop up over and over again. Home made cleaners are inexpensive and well worth having a go read more

Long walks and deep discounts

Walking today Had a lovely walk today. I said to Mike that I was getting a bit tired of the walks we had been doing in Eastbourne and that we needed to find some more pubs to eat in. New Pubs So during the week, he looked on Google and the map and found some. We...

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How to bake a loaf to perfection using a meat thermometer

Walking The walking is going really well lately. Have upped the target to 12,000 steps a day after our Swiss holiday. Still not managing it every day, but more and more days, I do. We walked from The Beachy Head pub to the lighthouse this Sunday, that was almost...

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Things you will never need to buy again 1-5

Thinking about what I might talk to you about, I thought, oh, I know, I'll do one of those list thingys of the 10 best ladles or something. As we're all about making something tasty from scratch here, rather than buying ready made, a list of things to make instead of...

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