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Trees, bags, walls and floors

A friend and I went to a startup WI meeting last night. It was proposed that a WI was started up in Heathfield itself. Unfortunately only 5 people turned up, including my friend and I, plus 4 WI advisors. The main person organising it said that it had been well... read more

New ceilings and old favourites

Yesterday, SIL-to-be plastered our ceiling. Not much to look at in a picture, but another big step forward. The de-humidifier has been running, but the windows were still streaming this morning. It all takes a while to dry out. Walls next! Lunchtime, I got back from... read more

Things I am going to try this week

I have just been doing my meal planning for the week and this week, I shall be trialling some recipes from Miss South’s book, Slow Cooked. The book is packed with delicious sounding recipes and I’m pretty sure some of them will cost out to our budget, or... read more

The cutest teeny tiny christmas stockings

Saw these cutest of cute little knitted mini Christmas Stockings on Elaine Colliar’s blog, Mortgage Free In Three on Monday.  I made the tiny pink one, and will be making a tiny toy to go in it so that DGD can give it to her dolly. How cute is that! Then I... read more

I am trialling this new subscription service. There are currently 356 subscribers – thankyou!

I have switched over to this for the moment, let's hope it works!
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This is the link to Approved Foods, a bargainous place to shop. Have a look and see if they have anything you would have bought anyway, if they do, it's almost bound to be cheaper!

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