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Ever tried cooking your muesli?

Tried something new at breakfast this morning. I have watched a couple of Jamie Oliver’s new TV programme, Everyday Super Food, and there a few things that I liked the look of, and I ended up getting the book. I know, I know, I’m supposed to be getting rid... read more

5:2 Salmon Fish Cakes, 39p a serving

When I was last in Aldi, I picked up a tin of their pink salmon. Wondering which of lots of things that can be done, I wondered what to do with it. I thought it could well price up to make fish cakes, which I love! So I had a little look at what I would need, and yes,... read more

Spicy curried hummus, 60p for a massive pot

Having made the curry yesterday using chickpeas, I had some cooked ones left. I didn’t measure them when I was pouring them into the saucepan as I wanted some leftovers. Well today, I decided to use those leftover chickpeas to make a hummus, but not a plain one,... read more

Home grown pumpkin curry, 77p if you buy it all

I decided to use one of the 6 pumpkins I managed to grow in the garden this year to make a curry. The flavour in the finished curry was superb, and the texture firm and floury. I’ll have to try and remember what variety I used to grow some more next year. Serves... read more

Veggie Lasagna 43p a serving – Meal Plan 10

This is for Meal Plan 10 and is a version of the Cheesy Bean Lasagna. I can’t use the same ingredients as they aren’t all available on this plan. So it’s a tweak of a tweaked recipe. The bean sauce layer 2 onions, chopped, Asda 2kg/£1.07, 10p 2... read more

Vegan 5:2 Tom Yum with shredded cabbage, 43p

Today is a 5:2 day and I had this gorgeous soup at lunchtime. I’ve had a look on mySupermarket and the Tom Yum Paste doesn’t seem to be stocked in the supermarkets. I got mine at an Asian shop. Amazon has some at £3.99/400g, Sainsburys has its own version... read more

Herby Pancakes and Poached Egg, 15p – Meal Plan 10

This is breakfast on days 1 and 4 on Meal Plan 10 Serves 2 2 eggs, Asda 70p/6, 23p 120g value flour, 45p/1.5kg, 4p tsp dried herbs, or tblsp fresh if you have them, 25p pot, 2p? 15ml oil (a tblsp) £1.10/litre, 2p Total cost 31p, 15p per serving Per serving 346 cals,... read more

Lovely Marks and Spencer food free with vouchers

Spent some of my M&S vouchers today. I get them from using a credit card and use them for lovely M&S food. Today I got a pack of salmon fillets and another bag of sea bass fillets, a pack of large smoky flavoured prawns, a big oblong pizza, some mixed... read more

Herby Omelette, chips and peas 31p – Meal Plan 10

This is a main meal served twice on Meal Plan 10 Serves 2 2 eggs, Asda £1.40/12, 23p 350g frozen chips, Asda 75p/1.5kg, 18p 200g peas Asda 78p/kg, 16p 20ml veg oil, £1.10/litre, 2p Total cost 62p, 31p a serving Per serving 550 calories, 2g protein, 25g fat, 57g carb... read more

Green Tomato Curry, vegan and using up LOADS of what I have

A friend left on Monday for a month long cruise round Canada, lucky her! I keep an eye on the house for her while she is away (she is very generous and has already given me a massive golden chrysanthemum, and always brings me back edible goodies from wherever she... read more

Internet, no internet, internet……

Oh joy and jubilation -I have internet back. I can’t tell you how cut off I have felt. It would have tiny times of on-ness, a few seconds, during which it would download emails and messages, which I could see on the iPad, but then it would  refuse to let me... read more

Herby Scones, 2p a scone – Meal Plan 10

We had these lovely herby scones at lunchtime with a bowl of tomato soup made with our tomatoes. I’ve had to wait a very long time for that soup this year, our tomatoes are scarce and only just ripening. It really is a special treat. As I have 4 x 16kg bags of... read more

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