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Oranges, Lemons & St. Clements

Enjoyed one of these for my lunch today. And this time, I added a piece of preserved lemon, cut up very small.  It gave an added dimension of flavour. I already like this sandwich. A lot.  And with the addition of a little tangy lemon under flavour, humming away in... read more

Nans, Drawers and Wedding Cakes

Having this for lunch today, Toasted Nan and Dahl. I will be using dried chickpeas from my store, some of the coconut milk powder that I have masses of and I shall make a nan using the magic dough in the fridge. For the squeeze of lemon, I shall use a few drops of... read more

A waste of a day

Yeurgh, woke up this morning with a burgeoning migraine, and after getting up really early, soon had to go back to bed having popped an Imigran. It’s now almost 6pm and although almost all the pain has gone, every muscle aches. What a waste of a day   Was... read more

Progress today

This is where we are up to today. The picture above was taken this evening, showing the 300mm pullout unit in place, without the metal baskets. To go back a few steps, the corner, emptied out. The corner with some floor tiles down to go under the unit as it is a walk... read more

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