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8 Sandwich Pastes for super cheap sandwiches and toast toppers

I have made lots of different sandwich pastes and toast toppers. This round up post gathers together 8 of them. I’ve really liked each of them. They are quick and cheap to make, freeze well and can be used as sandwich fillers, toast toppers, jacket potato fillings and even with pasta if let down with some liquid.

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Gajar Matar. Everyday vegetables wearing a sari

Many, many years after getting the recipe for the Sweet Bean Curry from my lovely friend, I got this recipe from much the same place. His partner was making this recipe using a book I soon bought, The Food Of India. I use lots of recipes from this book, including...

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Something I’ve been making for decades – Sweet Bean Curry

This recipe is one I have been making for decades. I first came across it at the house of a close friend when we went for dinner, and he kindly gave me the recipe Sweet Bean Curry Ingredients 175g dried beans, £1.06/500g, 37p Tblsp vegetable oil, £1/litre, 1p an...

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