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Walks, books and muesli

Took myself off for a 4 mile walk this morning. Just me, myself and I. I fancied some time on my own, just walking, so off I went. It was lovely. A good day for walking, sunny and warm, not too hot. It was the same one I did with DP a few weeks ago. Saw some lovely... read more

Lampshades, nails and meal plans

These are the lovely lampshades. The boxes had the opaque bulbs in, and I had bought 2 of the clear ones. The clear one went in last night to the one shade that was up and it isn’t particularly bright. I think that’s fine as there will be hidden LED lights... read more

Freebies, gardens, shades and stones

I had two little parcels arrive today. One was the magazine, Woman and Home, the other was a packet of flavoured couscous. Both were freebies bagged over on LatestFreeStuff, or rather, from the daily email they send me with the day’s freebies up for grabs.... read more

Roasted Vegetables in the Hole, 43p

Arrgh, the pictures simply won’t size properly, it’s driving me nuts!     Doing some gardening today, I pulled up a self sown Pink Fir Apple potato that was in the way of the spinach and it had several little potatoes on, so I had those with my... read more

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This is the link to Approved Foods, a bargainous place to shop. Have a look and see if they have anything you would have bought anyway, if they do, it's almost bound to be cheaper!

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