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Lunch, Snow & Leaks

Yeurgh – it’s snowing here, right now. I hate the blimmin’ stuff. Got two things I’m supposed to be doing tomorrow, if it’s still around, they’ll get cancelled Mum is down from Northampton and staying with my brother. They came over... read more

Haggis Lasagna

Recipe today from the lovely Deborah who contacted Thrifty Lesley on Facebook with lots of ideas for haggis. This is one of them. Asda has 454g haggis for just £1.50 right now. So if you want it, now’s your chance. This is Deborah’s recipe for Haggis... read more

Caramelised Onions

In Meal Plan 2, there are 750g of onions available to make caramelised onions.  Onions cooked this way are delicious and very versatile.  This quantity will make about 1 jam jar full.   Peel and slice them and cook slowly (30-45 minutes), over a low heat in 2... read more

Bannocks with roasted veg hoummous

Made these at tea time. I’ve been working out the recipes for the new meal plan. I need to use up all the groceries on the shopping list, or the people following it wouldn’t have enough calories for the week. I found that I had some oats, oil, onions and... read more

Book Clubs and wide ranging discussions

The diet is going well. I’m going to the gym on Mon/Tues and Thurs/Fri.  Yesterday, I procrastinated all day until 7pm, when I finally found the impetus to get my bum out of the door and up the road to the gym.  Of course, I felt better once I was there and... read more

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