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Snowdrops, friends and being perfect

It was the WI garden group this afternoon. We were off to Sheffield Park to see the snowdrops. I anxiously looked at the sky all morning, it was overcast, drizzling a bit and generally not very nice. We met at the hall and car shared and as we were driving over, we... read more

Going on a course

I am fizzing with enthusiasm this morning! I went to Claverham College last evening for the first of a five week course on Cooking Around the World. I was hoping that the tutor would be good as he does loads of different courses there, and he was. He was extremely... read more

Spinach & Coconut Dahl, with rice, 37p

This is a variation of Tomato Dahl, just replacing the tomatoes with spinach. I’ve used individual spices here, but you could use the equivalent amount of any curry powder or any curry paste. Make sure you sizzle the spices/paste in the oil. The tomatoes/spinach... read more

A general Saturday

Got a horrible shock this morning. Got out of bed, looked out of the window, and it was snowing. Really hard! Yuk! It snowed for several hours, piling up on the cars, path and road, then the sun came out and it melted away, then we had hail, followed by rain. We seem... read more

Meal Plan 4 – Flapjacks, 3p a piece

Do you remember that my laptop battery wouldn’t charge and I had to send it back to Acer? They picked it up last Wednesday and on this Monday a big UPS lorry pulled up and delivered it back again. There was a slip inside explaining that the problem was the... read more

Happy Valentines!

Happy Valentines! DP bought me a big bunch of lilies, my favourite flowers. They will be scenting the whole kitchen in a couple of days. We were going to have Avocado, Tomato and Orange Salad today, but when I went to Sainsbugs to get the avocados, they were like... read more

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