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A new start, a shortened walk, a pub lunch and stubby onions

I'm sorry I haven't been around much during February, life has got in the way, as it has a habit of doing. I am cutting back on activities as Mike loves to go for a 5 mile walk, then lunch in the pub. I really like that too, but I need to create free days to do it in!...

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Creamy Walnut pasta sauce – LCHF if you want it to be

I absolutely love the walnut butter I first tried making recently, either honey smoked, as in the original, or plain. Convinced it would make a lovely pasta sauce, I had a little play. Asda don't sell sun dried tomatoes, so I've priced it at Tesco Creamy Walnut Pasta...

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Blooming fat demo’s

Blooming fat demo's? Well not quite! I've got three separate things to report and I was just playing with the title 🙂 Long lasting poinsettia In the middle of December, Mike and I were walking in Eastbourne. We had a little browse round the Christmas market there,...

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Two tins of tomatoes. Is there a difference worth having?

The Thrifty Lesley U3A cookery group met on Tuesday. We made Spinach & Ricotta Pasta, Green Lentil Shepherds Pie and Carrot and Sesame Burgers. Comparing The Two I also thought it would be an interesting exercise to directly compare two tins of tomatoes,  a tin of...

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A brisk Sunday walk and a mulled wine apple crumble

Darkness and Light January and February are such dark and gloomy months. I like to get outside whenever I can to get some daylight on my face. Can't say sunshine as there probably wont be any! Yesterday, Mike had cabin fever and was pacing the house, it was dark,...

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Creamy Leek & Cheese Toasty

I posted a little while ago about the recipes we cooked at the last U3A cooking group, including a gorgeous Pad Thai, and this creamy leek and cheese toasty. I was sure I had also posted the recipe for the toasty, but apparently not! So here it is. Creamy Leek And...

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Spinach and ricotta pasta, 72p per serving

This is the pasta dish I spoke about last time. Its seriously good and with a little tweaking it comes in at an acceptable price for this blog. Spinach & Ricotta Pasta Priced at Asda using in January 2017 85g frozen spinach, £1.50/1.3kg, 10p 35g...

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Bugs, diets (again!) bargain mangoes and books

It's still germ central here. I had a hacking cough, a week off, then a head cold. Now Mike has a cold. I'm hoping it isn't different to the one I had, or I might get that one. On the other hand, I was at my daughters on Sunday and during a vigorous tickling session,...

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Ancient magazines and a magazine hack

Goodness, where did all those days go since I last posted! Well, some of those have been feeling ill. Again! I had a hacking cough that started on the 18th December when I went up to Northampton to see family at Christmas. That lasted a good two weeks. Then, after a...

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