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A good speaker, some beautiful flowers and a call to action

On Wednesday evening it was the WI garden group Christmas do. We hired the hall where we have our monthly meetings - the garden group usually meet in members homes or go out to gardens to visit. A lovely pot luck supper We all bring something delicious to share. This...

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Super cheap prescription glasses – from an amazing £6 a pair!

Today's post lovely people is a guest one, written for you by my brother. He is a super tight-wad, and always has been, right from when we were little, always looking for the best value he can get, even when we were talking pocket money. So, if Kevin says something is...

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Things you may never need to buy again – mustard

Home made mustard? I occasionally buy lovely mustard from local artisans when I go to agricultural fairs and food fairs. I've always thought that it looked like it might be easy to make. But, until this month, I haven't ever done anything about it. Well, my goodness,...

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A budget Christmas?

Christmas Season People are starting to talk about the Christmas season for 2016 now, maybe you are too. If you are struggling to make ends meet, November and December can be a very stressful time. Thoughts may turn to how the hell you are going to be able to afford...

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Got some lovely leftovers to love today

Am just sitting with my feet up and watching The Chase. Have just got home after doing the catering for the AGM of my WI. It's the last one I'll be doing as I'm coming off the committee this year after doing it for 6 years. We had a proper Quiche Lorraine, with lots...

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Love Your Leftovers – Whey

So, after making some gorgeous home made paneer, you'll have a couple of pints or so of leftover liquid that is whey. What can you use whey for? Now this looks like just a big jug of slightly coloured water. But it isn't, oh no. It's pretty valuable stuff. It is a...

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A gorgeous home made Pad Thai

I run a cooking group for the local U3A that meets once a month, and this months meeting was today. We made plain chow mein, a creamy leek cheese toast topper and this wonderful Pad Thai. It works out rather expensive for our budget here, although there are...

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Paneer curry, using lovely home made paneer. 34p each and Yummy!

Today, we're talking what to do with that lovely homemade paneer, well, one thing anyway! A delicious paneer curry. I really like this and make it often, usually with shop bought paneer. Maybe not again? Paneer Curry Priced at Asda using mySupermarket 250g home made...

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A delicious Sag Aloo that really hits the spot.

I've been looking at various recipes for sag aloo for a while now. None of them seemed to give me the result I was after. Every now and then, Spices of India send me an email wanting me to buy their pretty expensive spices. This time round, they also sent a recipe for...

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