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Kitchen update

I’m off to a funeral today. We weren’t really close, but she was a relative, so I’m off to pay my respects. So I thought I would show you a quick kitchen update. You can see the size of the space more now. The table is out there now and being used... read more

Kitchens, Christmas Menu and avoiding debt

The kitchen is coming along beautifully. Most of the floor is down now and I hope to get the tree up in the next few days. We moved the table out there today and had our first meal on it. I didn’t remember to take a picture of that until it was too gloomy! The... read more

Christmas week eating, £10 a head

I have been busy working up a new meal plan for the festive week.  So starting on the Monday, we have a full 7 days, for 2 people. There are stilton, mince pies, cinnamon, roast pork and roasties for lunch. I have posted the meal plan, with shopping list, and am still... read more

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This is the link to Approved Foods, a bargainous place to shop. Have a look and see if they have anything you would have bought anyway, if they do, it's almost bound to be cheaper!

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