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weigh in day

Weigh in day today. Every dieter knows that Monday is the ‘day that counts’. This week, I have been eating soup with lashings of double cream in it, confit de canard, lots of cheese, olive oil on everything, roast chicken with skin, avocados, tons of... read more

60% fat and vanilla extract

First day of my new workouts today. I thought if I started the week on a Sunday, I might even get to do those five sessions that my coach asked. It was very intense, very hard work, and took 2.5 hours, and I felt amazing afterwards. Weight seems to be moving at last... read more

A Too Busy Week

a too busy week What a busy week it was this week! A too busy week really. I am trying to cut back on things I do so I have more time to spend with new husband, and of course gardening season will soon be upon us. On Monday there was the filming that I spoke about... read more

Three week review and too much temptation

Back at the gym Had my three week review at the gym this morning. I had lost 1lb on the scales up there. Wasn’t even expecting that to be honest. Alex, my coach, went through everything. He examined in great detail the report I had printed off from myFitnessPal... read more

Filming, working out and power cuts

A bit of filming Did another little bit of filming this morning. I wrote three posts for the Guiness Partnership. The last one being on Valentine’s, which is what they wanted to film – a little bit of talking, and making the main course. The  Valentines... read more

Rubber Chicken (5) – Chicken & Onion Pasta Bake 42p

Edit In the end, I didn’t have this Rubber Chicken dish at all yesterday. Late in the afternoon, I checked my diary for something else, and realised that we were due to go out that evening. Good job I checked, had no memory of it at all! We went to see a... read more

Need some ideas for Veganuary?

Are you doing Veganuary? Do you need or want some ideas of what to eat? Trawling through the Thrifty Lesley archives, where I knew there were loads of ideas that just happened to be vegan, I extracted a few in the hopes that you might like them. Breakfasts Bean and... read more

This week, free food and cold days

The last few days This week, the days are whizzing by extra fast! I don’t seem to be doing anything much except go to the gym, eat and digest! I’m being really good and recording every mouthful on myFitnesspal so I know accurately how many calories... read more

Two hours up the gym today, and still hungry after dinner

Just had dinner, and I’m still hungry! We had what has become a favourite, peanut butter noodles with loads of veg and a tiny bit of chicken. It was tasty, satisfying, but now, half an hour later, my tummy is rumbling again. I’ve started a 12 week program... read more

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