Thrifty Lesley - 1 person, 1 day, £1

or How To Feed Yourself For £1 A Day

Fruit, Floors and Gifts

Spotted these little fellas having a team bath this morning and took this picture of them through the window. Didn’t dare move in case I scared them off.     DP has been working hard over the last two days getting the old tiles and hardboard off the... read more

Teething, rain and quilts

There are still a few teething problems with the changeover of the blog to a new host. The subscriber widget on the right is one of them, it seems to be refusing to sign people up for some reason. I’m also not sure that the new posts are being emailed to people... read more

Dobbing, Dabbing, Snowdrops and Quilts

In addition to the soup post today, I thought I would give a bit of an update on the kitchen, and other things. As you can see from the picture, there was some ‘dobbing’ and ‘dabbing’ going on today as DP and SIL to be lined the new part of the... read more
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