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Two Tables & A Carroty Tip

A friend sent me these tips for dieting under stress. I thought they were so useful, I would pass them on. 10 Rules On How To Combine A Successful Diet, With Life As A Normal Human Being 1.  If you eat something, and no one sees you, then the food has no calories 2.... read more

A dirty Sunday

Phew, busy day today. I decided the bedroom was well overdue a thorough clean. Vacuumed all inside the sliding door wardrobe. My goodness, where on earth does all that crud and dust come from. I keep my numerous shoes in boxes in an effort to keep them dust free and... read more

Haslet & crudités, No Power Meal Plan

As we have no power on this, the no power plan, to refrigerate, have this meat product on the first day. I have changed this so have no pictures, they will follow 200g haslet, Asda 250g/75p 200g carrots, Asda 2kg/£1.18, 12p Half a tin of value sweet corn, drained, 35p... read more

Balls, Bums and Wedding Pics

Well Wimbledon is finished for another year. I have seen some exciting tennis and been on the edge of my seat lots of times. I love this tournament and watch as much of it as I can. It’s strange tho, I don’t watch tennis at any other time, it’s just... read more

No Power Plan sandwiches

I know sandwiches are hardly a recipe, but I wanted to go through the quantities and prep, just to be clear. For the hoummous and carrot sandwiches Serves 2 Tin of chickpeas, drained, use half the tin. Asda 4 for £1, 12p 100g carrots, grated, no need to peel, Asda,... read more

Bircher Muesli, from 24p

This lovely Bircher muesli is from Rose Elliot’s book, Vegetarian Cookery, which I’ve had for ever. I use lots of recipes from it and it was one of my standby books when we were both vegetarian.  It is Rose at the top of the page. The muesli is wonderfully... read more

Home made muesli

Had a lovely day yesterday afternoon. The U3A budget cookery group came round and we did some puddings. We started off with Delia’s Chocolate Roulade, then Oaty Apple Crumble, Easy Cheesecakes and Chocolate Ice Cream. With a detour via making garlicky Boursin... read more

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