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Ancient magazines and a magazine hack

Goodness, where did all those days go since I last posted! Well, some of those have been feeling ill. Again! I had a hacking cough that started on the 18th December when I went up to Northampton to see family at Christmas. That lasted a good two weeks. Then, after a...

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I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 500 more

Had a lovely day today. We wanted to go for a walk yesterday, but it was drizzling all day and we are both fair weather walkers. It was much nicer today, so off we went. We're really enjoying getting out and walking, even if it isn't proper walking, you know, big...

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A main course soup – mulligatawny, 46p a big bowl

I bagged some lovely organic beef mince on yellow sticker last week and stashed them in the freezer for when I was ready to use them. They worked out, even on yellow sticker, at just a bit more than ordinary 10% fat beef mince, that's the organic part I suppose. Today...

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Why have I got a rotten credit score?

Have the big fat January credit card bills from Christmas plopped onto your doormat?  Painful aren't they. I used to spend all summer paying off credit cards from the Christmas spending. And those interest rates, yowzers, ouch, ouch and double ouch. I am in the...

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Why I don’t go to the sales

The post Christmas sales have been going a while now, since before Christmas in fact. I am quite wary of sales for several reasons. Are they genuine reductions? I think we all have to have our wits well and truly about us if we are to venture out to the sales. What do...

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First day of the new year

Happy New Year to you and yours. Did you go out last night to ring in the new year? We didn't, we very rarely do. We have had enough socialising by now, had enough of eating a lot and are feeling generally partied out. We watched a film on Freeview and by the time we...

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An opportunity for a free £25

As you may know, one of the things I do in our financial life is to use an American Express card for the points, a Marks and Spencer card, also for the points, a Nectar card and a Tesco card. All for the points. As a long term account holder, the Amex pays us 1% on...

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Happy Christmas to one and all

Had a lovely day at my eldest daughter's today. We had a traditional turkey lunch, delicious! Nothing quite like it. There were 8 of us there, including a Bolivian EFL student staying long term, including over the Christmas period. I would have been quite overwhelmed...

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Well, I’ve FINALLY finished it!

My daughter got married in June 2015, and as part of her wedding gift, I thought it would be nice to make her a quilt with a purple theme, like the wedding theme. I found some dark purple fabric leftover from making a skirt and one of her Dads shirts, and went hunting...

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Bugs and books

I've been bugged Yearggh, I've been bugged. On Monday we drove the 150 miles to my sisters house in Hackleton where many of the family were gathering. Mum, who also lives there, treated us all to a lovely lunch out at a local restaurant. It was a noisy party in a...

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