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Bran flakes and shed beds

I fancied bran flakes for breakfast this morning. I had finished the packet I had been using, so got another one out of the cupboard. When I opened it, the flakes were horribly stale, and when I checked out the best before date, it wasn’t surprising – 1st... read more

Michelham Priory, khaki gunk and lost keys

Had some of that posh rhubarb yogurt this morning, just a couple of spoonfuls as I had just got up, but needed some fuel. I just love that rhubarb purée. Khaki coloured gunk, yum! Then straight up the gym, early. Did a very vigorous workout, came back red faced, hot... read more

Big lunches and delicious leftovers

Well goodness, my dogs are barking* this evening! I have just come back from catering a WI resolutions lunch, where we have a nice lunch, then debate the resolution for the annual WI campaign. This year I did a risotto. Proper Arborio rice, with white wine, butter,... read more

Dresses, lasagna and resolutions

Look what arrived this morning! This gorgeous little dress is what my, very tall, 7 year old grand daughter will be wearing to my wedding. I got it from eBay, at a very decent price. It’s amazing what can be found there. Must get on and order my own dress now.... read more

Smoked salmon, classes and leftovers

Having whinged lately about being unable to find value smoked salmon pieces in the supermarkets. What did I find in Sainsbugs today? Yes! So I got four of them to stash away. I was in there to get a couple of things for the U3A group I run, on budget cookery, what... read more

Another long walk followed by excited squeaks

Had a lovely long walk along the seafront today, well over 8000 steps. The 10,000 is eluding me still, but it’s a lot better than it has been lately. On our way back, I came across one of those gorgeous ethnic shops that sell all those bits and pieces that are... read more

No sleep, a long walk and a big cake

Glad to get to bed last night after the late one the previous evening. Didn’t go too early as I would just wake up earlier. And when did I wake up? Flipping 3am, that’s when. Gave up and got up at 4:30, still tired, but unable to sleep. Argh. Drooping... read more

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