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Kandersteg and the Swiss Alps

Didja miss me? I missed waffling away to you over the past week. We’ve been away again and I’ve agreed not to talk about it whilst away, but I really don’t like it! We’ve been on a fabulous walking holiday in the Swiss Alps. We went with Great...

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The first, or is it the thirty ninth anniversary?

today On this day, last year, Mike and I got married after 38 years together. So today is our first anniversary – everybody go aaah 😊 💑 And it also means that next year it will be 40 years together. We need to organise something special to...

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Really good home made Eccles cakes, 15p each

One of Mikes most favourite things is a good Eccles cake. Note the adjective, just any old Eccles isn’t good enough. It has to be a good one. He knows what he likes does Mike. For ages, I’ve been meaning to have a go at making them and today, I finally got...

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A free day out – the Eastbourne Airbourne

Had a smashing day out today. Mike and I went down to Eastbourne for the Airbourne display. It is spelled that way, I checked on the programme. We parked up near the swimming pool and walked in to the centre of the front – another good day for steps, 11,291 so...

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Treat time

When it’s treat time and you want to treat yourself, what do you do? And if it involves cash, what do you tend to spend it on? We spend a lot on eating out. We have several pubs we like to go to to have lunch, after a walk generally. Mike likes his Indians,...

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Repeats, next steps and down in the woods

Had some of these Beet Burgers yesterday for lunch. This time I used breadcrumbs from the freezer instead of oats. I’ve got some cooked aduki beans in the fridge to use in various things, so I used those instead of chickpeas. There was half a jar of fancy...

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Sage, lemon and pumpkin seed pesto £2.99 for a huge jar

I really fancied something made with a lemon from the fridge and lots of mint from the garden today. But the mint is straggly and chewed. An alternative would have been lemon balm, but that was even worse, every single leaf had multiple holes. So I cut both of those...

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The last few days

Don’t know if you could tell from my somewhat enigmatic Facebook posts over the last few days, but we’ve been away. It was my birthday and when Mike asked what I wanted, I light heartedly said – a weekend away! Well he only went and organised one...

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Vouchers – save ’em, spend ’em or fritter ’em?

Well have I ever had a great day today! American Express First up was planning a trip out this afternoon. We have two credit cards that we use. We try to use the Amex one first as they give us generous cash back that is paid once a year. I used to get it paid in cash...

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Mixed vegetable dauphinoise for dinner, 47p

I had this mixed vegetable dauphinoise for lunch yesterday and dinner today. I have only recently had dauphinoise at home for the first time, and I tried it because of the high fat diet I’m on – seemed to be a good fit 😋 The first time, I had just...

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On our Hols

We’ve been away! I would love to chat away to you on all the lovely things we do when away whilst they are happening, but Mike thinks it is a security risk and doesn’t like it. I suppose he’s right, it would be easy to find out where we live, so I,...

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