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Thrifty Lesley in the Media

A video for Guinness Partnership – preparing a warm salad – Feb 2016

The promo video for Money Advice Service – Stop Waste & Save Money – Feb 2016

Another video for Money Advice Service – Stop Waste – Feb 2016

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Made my own bread today,forgot how yummy it is. Hardly any left now. So perhaps not as thrifty as I thought...... Has anyone else got the same problem and if so, does the novelty wear off after a while? ...

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Hi Everyone! I work for the French TV and in order to highlight Lesley's blog, we are looking to film in a family who is using her recipes to make ends meet... if you are interested, please let me know... the filming needs to be done tomorrow. I look forward to hearing from you
07961788876 - [email protected]

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