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This months cookery group recipes, including some invented ones

Had the U3A cookery group here yesterday. As usual, we fitted in lots of different recipes in our two hours. As well as a couple of made up things, I wanted to try some recipes from a new book. I saw a couple of recipes from Izy Hozzack in the paper and liked the look...

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A day out to see Adele at Wembley, what an experience!

I'm sitting on my sofa, back after a couple of days away. Back before Christmas, I noticed somewhere or other that Adele tickets would be on sale for Wembley. Well, I'm a bit of a fan, so I decided to see if I could get any. I was on that site on the dot of 10am when...

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A seasonal change over of my silk flower display

I updated my silk flower arrangement today, to be used for the next three months. This is what it looked like before. A base foliage display, fixed in resin in the vase, white Ranunculus and three different shades of Lilac. Stripped out the Lilac and put them away...

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Home made Nutella. Improved nutrition for the same price!

Do you like Nutella? It's gorgeous stuff, kids can be addicted to it, it seems to go with everything and can be eaten straight out of the jar with a spoon. And probably often is! But... and there's always a but isn't there, the nutritional content is pretty poor. Palm...

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Salted caramel cheesecake

It was the U3A AGM yesterday. We offer tea and biscuits usually, but because it was the AGM we upgraded to cakes. I decided to take some cheesecakes in ramekins. I did a strawberry topped one and this salted caramel using a recipe I've used before. The strawberry ones...

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