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A bit of a walk and a day out in Alfriston

Day out today. We pootled off down to Alfriston. I wanted to have a leisurely look around after visiting the village briefly on a WI garden group visit to Alfriston Clergy House recently. Cheekily, we parked in the massive car park of the Deans Place Hotel. Parking is...

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Home made popcorn, less than half the price of shop bought

Was poking about in the Armageddon cupboard today whilst writing a meal plan for next week and trying to use some existing stocks. While poking about and mentally constructing meals, I decided to use some popcorn. Idly reading the instructions, I noticed that it could...

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Crispy Lemon Skin and refurbished pots

Crispy Lemon Skin I read recently about crisping up lemon skins by frying them. I can't remember now where it was. I've just googled and there are a few places that talk about it, but can't find the one where I saw it. Anyway, I thought it sounded interesting and...

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Changes in the garden and a walk by the sea

Changes in the garden The apple tree above has masses of beautiful blossom,  hopefully, the apples will follow eventually. Been having a lovely time planting and tidying in the garden this week. Gradually getting it into shape. Mike has been doing some paving and it's...

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Bargain picture frames, book clubs and the Heffle Fair

Bargain picture frames I picked up 2 sets of painted picture frames in the charity shop recently. Last year, I bought an RHS diary, and liked it so much I got another one for this year. They are packed with beautiful line drawings and I thought those frames would make...

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Books, bonding, scarecrows and demos

Although I've been cutting back on the things I do, this week in the month is a busy one. Monday This Monday was Easter Monday of course, so a bit different one to usual. Tuesday On Tuesday it was the monthly U3A meeting. This week we had an apiarist as the speaker. I...

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Easter Fun, Easter Eggs and half price posh chocolate

How's your Easter going? We decided to get a leg of lamb on Friday and drove to Aldi at Bexhill to pick one up. But we'd left it too late and they'd sold out, no matter. The shop was completely rammed! We got a couple of other things instead and we'll get some lamb...

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Lots of vegetables, houses, birthdays and plants

I have got SO much to tell you! Can't believe it's been a week again! Tuesday On Tuesday - the U3A cookery group came to my house and as last month, I got them to explore more recipes using lots of vegetables. We did the Avocado, Orange and Tomato salad, a very quick...

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I’ve found a new favourite thing!

Had a lovely day yesterday. The sun was shining, it was a beautiful day and I had arranged to spend it with my eldest, her husband and daughter. We walked along the cliffs at the Bede's end of Eastbourne. Granddaughter was riding her scooter and generally running...

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