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What we did in York while we were away

On our way up to Rothbury, and back down again, we stayed in York for a few days. What a beautiful city, and so full of history, starting way back in 75AD with the Romans. On the day we arrived, we walked for miles around the city, investigating The Shambles, amongst...

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Practically free soup using old veg and peelings stock

Diet The diet started again yesterday and the 3 pounds I'd gained have gone again as of this morning. Went to help our eldest do some unpacking yesterday as they moved whilst we were away - good planning on our part I thought! Left theirs needing a shower after (not...

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We’ve been away. This is what we got up to in Newark

Did you guess we'd been away? I hate not been able to tell you about our adventures whilst they're happening, but it's horribly easy to find my address, and you never know who's listening do you. Don't want to put an advert out, come and rob this house, they're away!...

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What I’ve been reading lately

Couple of good reads for you today. I've got through a lot of books lately, and in amongst some not so good ones, or ones I would be embarrassed to recommend (so so scifi) are these two crackers Mice The first is a thriller called Mice, by Gordon Reece. Gordon writes...

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How Supermarkets Get Us To Buy What We Don’t Really Need

Researching this blog post has been absolutely fascinating. I was aware beforehand that we are constantly being influenced, without being aware of it. And I knew a couple of the ways it was done. I have discovered SO many more! Some of the many ways we can be...

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The answer to the universe and everything

Today is one of those special days. Mike and I have been together a very long time, but didn't actually get married until 2015.....2 years ago today! So it's our anniversary. We got married on the anniversary of our very first date. And the more important anniversary...

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Regrowing vegetables from waste

Do you remember us talking about regrowing vegetables from waste? This post had some spring onions. Well, a while ago, I put some spring onion stubs in an egg cup until they grew baby roots, then put them in the garden. These whoppers are the result! I have in fact...

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We decided to have some rainy day fun today

Today is wet, wet, wet and we decided to have some rainy day fun. We visited a town we haven't been to before. First up, we had a big cooked breakfast, which neither of us usually do. After taking our time, reading the papers at the pub we were in and sitting gazing...

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Got too many runner beans? This lovely pesto will use up loads!

If you grow runner beans, you may well have times, like me,  when you are a bit overwhelmed with them and don't know what else to do with them. Personally, I think home frozen runners are vile. I've tried numerous different ways of preserving them and haven't liked...

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Birthday celebrations. I’m feeling thoroughly birthdayed!

I'm feeling thoroughly birthdayed today. It was my birthday this week, oh how those years whizz by! Mike bought me a magnificent double stemmed orchid, and a lovely soppy card. I seem to have success getting orchids to reflower, so I have quite a collection now. On my...

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Would generic weekly meals help you meal plan?

As many budgeters know, there are certain generic meals that can be endlessly modified, as well as all the wonderful recipes for these generic recipes, they will swallow whatever you have available, help in the weekly fridge clean out and use up all kinds of bits and...

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