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or How To Feed Yourself For £1 A Day

A wonderful winter chutney, Cranberry, orange and ginger

This cranberry, orange and ginger chutney which I found in Delicious magazine, would make a lovely addition to a gift hamper. I am looking forward to  a doorstep turkey sandwich with a good dollop of chutney in it, or a couple of oaty bannocks, salty, mature cheddar and a little of this on the side.

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Approved food and the foodbank

I speak about approved foods sometimes and have bought many things there. If someone uses my affiliate link, and is a new customer, I get a small amount. I use these amounts to get stuff for the foodbank. That way, I can get the maximum amount of donatable items for...

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Reverse Advent, Slimming World and Books

Do you remember me talking about a reverse advent? I have been getting inexpensive shower gel, some toothpaste, a box of biscuits, mince pies, some tubs of Quality Street and Roses, which I split up and packaged prettily, and a few other treats.   On Friday I went off...

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8 Sandwich Pastes for super cheap sandwiches and toast toppers

I have made lots of different sandwich pastes and toast toppers. This round up post gathers together 8 of them. I’ve really liked each of them. They are quick and cheap to make, freeze well and can be used as sandwich fillers, toast toppers, jacket potato fillings and even with pasta if let down with some liquid.

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