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Competition – copy of Tin Can Cook

4 copies of Jack Monroe’s latest book Tin Can Cook up for grabs. Seventy Five recipes using mainly, yes, cans. Some new recipes, some older, favourite ones.

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Tomato & Almond Patè

This vegan Tomato & Almond Patè is deeply savoury and utterly delicious. It would make a great sandwich filler / toast topper / jacket potato topping. Or let it down a little and stir it through pasta

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Vegetable Fritters

Delicious vegan spicy vegetable fritters, shallow fried in olive oil. Great for a lunch box or afterschool snack, as well as dinner

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Green Pea Hummus Lasagna

A green pea hummus lasagna for a budget family dinner is an unusual idea, but it’s creamy and very tasty. Swap the pea hummus layer out for all kinds of different savoury mixes

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Vegan Savoury Loaf Cake

This vegan savoury cake is delicious, can be used for dinner with some veg or salad, as a packed lunch, a snack or as a pre dinner nibble when entertaining

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