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Vegetarian Christmas

If you are on a tight budget, Christmas food can be very difficult, causing stress, and maybe even debt too. No need to get into debt, when with a bit of extra planning, you can enjoy a delicious vegetarian Christmas festive meal, without spending a fortune. If you don’t know where to start, or would like a few vegetarian christmas recipe ideas, have a look at this detailed, 2 person, 7 day Christmas dinner menu for the entire Christmas week.

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Jacket Potato Fillings

Jacket potatoes are a very popular lunch or dinner. Properly frugal, very versatile, filling, a good dieting meal if you want it to be and can be prepared in advance for convenience. What do you have for your jacket potato fillings?

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Baked Oats

I’ve written before about how delicious overnight oats are, but I there is something else to do with oats in the morning. Baked Oats and I’m loving them!

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