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We have a guest post today from Ruth at She is a successful freelancer and is going to tell us about 4 ways to increase your income without getting another job. So, over to Ruth

4 Ways To Increase Your Income Without Getting Another Job

I’m Ruth, and it’s safe to say that I’m pretty obsessed with exploring genuine opportunities to make money online.

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Since I ditched my corporate job almost eight years ago, I’ve earned a full-time income from home, armed only with my laptop and a bit of determination, and I’m hugely passionate about helping people to create income streams on their own terms, outside the constraints of the 9-5.

The most exciting thing is that regardless of your circumstances and how little time you have available, there are plenty of ways to increase your income without getting another job.

Let’s take a look at four different options that you can get started with today…

Switch your current account to earn a cash bonus

Most of us stick with the same current accounts for years and years, out of loyalty and ease. If you’re prepared to switch though, it could prove to be highly profitable. The banks want your business, so there are plenty of offers out there that you can take advantage of.

changing bank account to increase your income

Right now, for example, you’ll be paid £75 when you switch to a Halifax Rewards current account, or you can bag yourself £125 in M&S vouchers when you switch to M&S Bank, plus an additional £60 if you stay for 12 months. Some offers will even allow you to take advantage of a monthly bonus if you deposit a regular amount.

The offers change fairly regularly, and some switch bonuses require a minimum monthly deposit, so do read the small print before going ahead. Worried that it’s going to be a bit of a headache? Don’t be. It’s simple and straightforward, and your new bank should take care of things like direct debits and standing orders on your behalf.

Use cashback sites every time you make a purchase online

Okay, so this one requires you to actually spend money to earn money back. But if you already plan to make an online purchase, it’s a bit of a no-brainer. Cashback sites like QuidCo and TopCashback will give you back a chunk of your money when you make a purchase via their platforms, at no extra cost to yourself.

Different deals and incentives are often available, but at the time of writing, TopCashback are offering £26.25 cashback when booking a break via Jet2holidays, £138.15 cashback when buying a VIP TV Bundle via Virgin, and 23% cashback when booking experiences and days out via Red Letter Days.

Even if you’re a fairly frugal spender, these bonuses can really add up. TopCashback claims that their average member earns over £300 per year, and many users report earning in excess of £1,000. Sign up for a free account with these sites, and make it a habit to check their deals whenever you need to make a purchase.


Get yourself a side hustle

Side hustles are big news these days, and many of us are dedicating a chunk of our spare time to creating an additional income stream. You could argue that this is basically just like getting another job, but remember that it’s completely flexible, you get to decide exactly what you want to do, and you’ll set your own rates of pay.

get a side hustle to increase your income

Think about the skills and passions that you have, and how you can tap into those to earn money on your own terms. You could sell your time as a freelance writer or graphic designer, for example, on sites like People Per Hour and Freelancer. You could sell products on eBay or Amazon. You could write a blog about an interest you have, and monetise it via adverts and sponsorship deals with businesses.

The possibilities are endless, and you’re completely in control. Want to dedicate just a few hours of week and earn an extra £50? Great. Dream of building your side hustle to the level where you can replace your current income and quit your job? With some hard work and careful consideration of your strategy, that’s possible too.


Swap your clutter for cash

Have you got clothes hiding in the back of your wardrobe that haven’t seen the light of day in years? Toys that your kids no longer play with? Electronics that you’ve long since replaced? If so, choose a free weekend and make it your mission to get them listed on eBay, or even local selling pages on Facebook.


You might be amazed at just how much you could earn from the things that you don’t want or need. Be sure to search completed listings for each of your items before you list them, so you can choose a realistic price. This will increase your chances of selling your items, and it’ll also make sure that you’re not undercharging.

Selling online can be quite addictive, and once you’ve cleared your clutter, you might see the opportunity to build a small business from home by buying pre-loved items and selling them on for a higher price.

The internet has swung open a load of doors, and it’s never been easier to earn some extra cash. By putting just a few of these things into action, you could give your bank account a great boost. Have you tried any of these before? Or do you have any additional ideas that you’d add to the list?

Ruth writes about legitimate ways to make money online at  and covers subjects including eBay reselling, freelance writing, and matched betting. Whether you want to earn some extra cash to clear a credit card or pay for a holiday, or you want to build a profitable business from home, she can help you to get there.

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Review: First Tunnels Polytunnel
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