Kounoupithi Yiahni or Tomato Stewed Cauliflower. A traditional Greek food
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This rather wonderful tea bread started life as an extremely simple ordinary bread loaf. This sugar free chocolate variation has been on my HUGE list of things to try for a while, and one sleepless night, I mixed it up and baked it, along with some scotch eggs. Couldn’t have any of it other than a teensiest bit because of the cocoa in it. Not only would it keep me awake even longer, I would probably get a migraine. But my husband loves chocolate and walnuts and he loved this, having a slice for breakfast.

Sugar Free Chocolate, Cranberry and Walnut Tea Bread


  • 420g value self raising flour,  45p/1.5kg, 13p
  • 2 tsps baking powder, 5p
  • half tsp salt
  • 25g cocoa, 250g/ £1.39, 14p
  • 50g dried cranberries, £1/100g, 50p
  • 40g chopped walnuts, £1.09/100g, 44p
  • 420ml sparkling water, 17p/2 litres, 4p

Takes ,
serves 20.


priced at Asda, September 2018

Sieve the flour, cocoa, baking powder, salt together. Make sure they are well mixed. Mix in the fruit and nuts.

Grease a 2lb loaf tin thoroughly. I poured in a tbslp of veg oil and used a silicone pastry brush to push it into every corner.

Add the sparkling water to the flour mix and mix just enough to incorporate, like a muffin. The water will fizz enthusiastically.

Tip the mix into the prepared tin and leave on one side for half an hour. Don’t nudge or knock the tin in this time, it will rise a bit.

After 20 minutes, heat the oven to 180C fan, 200C conventional, 400F, gas mark 6.

When the half hour is up, gently put the bread in the oven and bake for 40 minutes. Tip out of the tin and put back in the oven for a further 20 minutes. Cool on a wire rack.

Leave until completely cold, then slice. Freeze any not eaten on the same day to keep it fresh.

This tea bread is vegan, dairy free and could be nut free too if you leave them out

Total cost £1.30, makes one 800g loaf

Cuts into 20 slices, 6p per slice

Fancy some chocolate, don't want the sugar? How about this sugar free chocolate, cranberry and walnut tea bread. It's vegan too if that matters to you. Lovely with or without some salty butter Click To Tweet

sugar free chocolate, cranberry and walnut tea bread



The Verdict

The loaf had a beautiful crumb, a great crust, sliced well and tasted wonderful. It’s great to have a sugar free chocolate treat for my husband without any flipping palm oil either, which seems to be in everything. He had some plain, and some with butter on.

He hasn’t tried it toasted yet, but what’s the betting that’s good too. Something else I’d like to try is to pan fry it as a toasted sandwich in some butter and then fill it with value cream cheese and sliced strawberries, with or without maple syrup

The Variations

This would be equally good with the cranberries and walnuts, but leaving out the cocoa. Add a little sugar if you want some, I would try 50g first.

The cranberries and walnuts are the expensive things here. If you want to keep the cost to the minimum, just leave them out to bring the cost of your tea bread down to just 36p and 2p per slice. Or add the much more inexpensive peanut and raisins.

walnut and cranberry tea bread

Walnut and Cranberry tea bread – the same recipe, but omitting the cocoa powder

Any fruit and nuts would work well, so raisin and peanut; brazil nut and dried apricot; almond and currants.


sugar free chocolate, cranberry & walnut tea bread
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Kounoupithi Yiahni or Tomato Stewed Cauliflower. A traditional Greek food
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