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We went away on 5th June for a ten day holiday at Lake Como, a magnificent place.  Mike won’t fly so we went by train from St Pancras. The trains are very comfortable, but it takes 2 days to get there!


We had a very early start today, had to get up at 2:45! The weather forecast for the week in Italy is rain and thunderstorms every day. Oh blimey! Even tho we were sitting down all day, I still managed 12,000 steps walking between platforms etc. Stayed overnight at  Chambery where we enjoyed a very nice meal and  convivial evening meeting the rest of the group.

We’re going with our youngest and her husband, looking forward to spending quality time with them.

We played cards, read, plugged in and topped up our mobiles, gazed at the scenery,  laughed and chatted .

On the train.



Couldn’t face any more food at breakfast, so skipped it.  On train again all day,  yet still managed over 10,000 steps.

Arrived at Cadenabbia.  The hotel Britainnia is good and the food amazing. The staff do an incredible job, serving at least 600 covers a day and everything beautifully done.

Live music tonight and another lively evening.  Bit of rain, but fine most of the day. We’re right on the lake with fabulous views. It’s no wonder many wealthy people have a home here.

Hotel Britannia


Visited Villa Carlotta today, what a place that must have been when it was a house!  Lovely gardens too.

Villa Carlotta


Free day today and we went over the lake to Bellagio. It’s a little touristy, and the shops expensive, but we explored the back streets, found a lovely little harbour, really tiny. There was a family of ducks there and we had a fine time feeding them rolls.

Feeding the ducks

The cobbled alleyways were drenched in the most amazing perfume from the jasmine flowering everywhere and after climbing up and up a very long alley, we had coffee and cake on a terrace overlooking the lake

Jasmine at Bellagio Coffee on the terrace at Bellagio


The shops near the hotel are much better prices. I got a t-shirt for my granddaughter that has a Disney princess on it. Indoors, it’s black and white, go outdoors and it drenches itself in colour. She’s going to love it!

Dinner this evening at a Brazilian place that consisted mainly of masses of grilled meat arriving at regular intervals. All delicious, but too much

Couldn’t sleep at all tonight. I either had too many coffees, or one of them want decaf. We’re up at 6am for the trip to Milan too!


We stopped briefly at Castello Sforzesco. I could have spent a lot longer there.

Castello sfozesco

Then we were shown the fantastically beautiful 19th century glass-roofed shopping arcade Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. A lad proposed to his girlfriend while we were there. Dropped to one knee on a place that is supposed to bring good luck if you spin around on one foot. They were surrounded by friends and a huge cheer went up when she said yes. It was SO romantic!

Shopping centre in Milan

Then I went for a look around the marvellous Teatro alla Scala. Oh how wonderful to be there. Wonderful music was everywhere, and  there was an exhibition on about Rossini

This is me in a third floor box feeling wondrous.

I would love to organise a weekend away to properly explore the fort and to see a performance at la Scala. What a weekend that would be!

Teatro alla Scala

When we got back to the hotel, I had a little doze on the bed. Oh my, I didn’t want to get up again. Dinner in a posh restaurant today, octopus to start, a really tasty seafood spaghetti for main, followed by a fillet of trout and I finished with a strawberry mouse. All really tasty morsels.


A free day again, and we lolled about down by the Lake. Had a little snooze in the afternoon in our  room, but didn’t take my linen top off. Flipping heck, you’ve never seen so many wrinkles! There were a few petty meanesses in the hotel, one of them being ONE iron, unavailable most of the time, for 600 rooms!

And I don’t have that many outfits as I managed to bring a pair of trousers, but not a top to wear with them. And a pair of leggings to wear under a dress, but not the dress itself! I am  getting so absent minded!

Lake Como


Today’s trip was a journey on the Bernina Express. Fantastic scenery all the way. I simply love mountains and dramatic scenery

The Bernina Express


A free day today and we spent it exploring all around and about in Cadenabbia. We walked for miles all round back streets, up many hills, it’s very hilly everywhere. All the houses are just so pretty, we admired many vegetable gardens and stopped to admire the view. More highly fragrant jasmine all over the place and lots of cobbles. Goodness, those alleyways are good for my fitness!

An alley at Cadenabbia



We began our journey home today, stopping off at a little town called Mulhouse, pronounced mool loose. For some reason, there was a large red dog in the reception area which amused us for a while!

Red dog at Mulhouse

We wandered around the town admiring the sights and found this amazing tree, covered in beautiful crochet, what a wonderful project, I’d love to know more about it

 Tree covered in crochet Ballet school artwork

And this is the side of a ballet school. It was very dramatic and effective


Finished our journey home today. It turned out to be a long one. The coach to take us across Paris didn’t turn up and we missed our Eurostar.  There was much running around by the tour guide and we eventually returned to Blighty, missing our connection and arriving back at the car pretty tired.

The Eurostar

We had a lovely time and we really enjoyed our time away at beautiful Lake Como. I’d love to go back some time, especially for that wonderful weekend I mentioned! Italy is my favourite place



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