No sleep, a long walk and a big cake
Faggots and gravy, 26p a portion

Had one of those deeply satisfying frugaltastic moments today.

Do you remember that distinctly average curry I made a few days ago? The remains have been sat in the fridge ever since, a decent portion size, along with a portions worth of rice and peas.

Several days ago, I cooked up a lovely melange using up an entire pack of spring greens. I sauted an onion, added the shredded greens and a tin of tomatoes, lots of salt and pepper and cooked them until done. That was the the mix I had with the faggots. I had the faggots and the veg twice, and didn’t fancy either of them again just yet.

So it was time for the sweep round the fridge soup pot. In went the indifferent curry, the peas and rice, the remaining spring green mix, some leftover coconut milk powder that I had mixed with water to make coconut cream, and a good splosh of water. I heated it all up, wondering whether to blitz it or not. On tasting it, I was delighted to find that it was much more than the sum of its parts. What was now in the pot was a big batch of the most yummy soup! I left it unblitzed. I shall have a portion for lunch today, and quite possibly tomorrow as well. That will probably leave another couple of portions which I shall stash away for next week, or the week after, when I shall finish it off. Result!

DP wouldn’t eat anything like this, he’s very suspicious of leftovers. We often have ding cuisine, where I do a four portion sized meal and we have it 2 days running, but leftovers? No. Doesn’t know what he’s missing does he 😌
Leftovers soup is often extremely flavoursome and one of my favourites.

Having eaten 2 portions of the faggots, I have another 3 portions bagged up and ready for storage. I shall have those over the next few weeks.

We went out for an Indian last night and I tried a fish platter. My word it was yummy. It had not 1 but 3, different, filleted fish in a delicious sauce, with lots of onions, and came with a roti. One was a standard white fish, one had a very soft texture, unusual, but nice, and the third was full of sharp bones but with with an outstanding flavour. I’m having the rest of that this evening, and DP will have the rest of his. We invariably order too much and have a doggy bag.

There is a pot of soup from a dried mix simmering on the hob for DP. It is from a few sachets I got from Approved Foods, a lentil and chickpea one by Ainsley Harriot. I tried some a while back and thought it was disgusting. Don’t know if DP will eat it or not yet. Edit: well, he ate it, although he didn’t like it much. So the remaining 3 sachets will have to go in the bin. The best before date has expired, so I can’t pass them to the food bank.

I’ve been having a little tidy in the cavernous larder this morning. Decanted two x third full bags of different Lidl muesli mix into the big jar of muesli I mixed up myself, then gave it all a good stir to amalgamate everything together.

There were 2 bits of own brand ReadyBrek, with just a tea cup of oats inside, so I tipped those into the new packet. Reminded myself of what was in the cupboard. Loads of AP spaghetti and cans of black olives, so need to have pasta, tomato sauce, olives and Parmesan at frequent intervals.

Several packets still of AP Allbran. I’ve been having that often, so that will soon disappear.

Couple of huge tins of mushy peas, so soup to use those.

Still got several jars of HM damson jam. After leaving it in the cupboard since 2001 😮 I am finally getting round to using it. Been having it on HM bannocks. Got a taste for that on my LBLUK week.

Tired from our late night last night, so had a nice relaxed day. Hope you’re having a nice Bank Holiday. See you tomorrow



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No sleep, a long walk and a big cake
Faggots and gravy, 26p a portion