Another Trio of Vegetable Hummus
Maple Syrup, Toasted Almond & Cranberry Granola

The U3A cookery group met at my place on Tuesday this week. One of the many things we did was a vegetable hummus made from green peas from Izy Hossacks book, The Savvy Cook.

It was utterly delicious and has inspired me to make many different flavours. I started off with this trio, green pea, butternut squash and sweetcorn.

A trio of vegetable hummus

Green Pea Hummus

Green pea hummus

Priced at Asda using mySupermarket, March 2018

300g frozen peas, 76p/kg, 23p
2 tblsp tahini, Bodrum, £2.50/300g, 25p
Half tsp salt
Half tsp Aleppo pepper or ground black pepper
Juice and zest of a lemon, 4 for £1, 25p
Tsp garlic powder, 5p

Total nutrition 412 calories, 10g carbs, 20g fat, 12g protein.

The batch weighs 400g and each 100g is 103 calorie, 2g carbs, 5g fat, 3g protein

Total cost 78p, 19p per 100g

Cook the peas and drain well. Add everything else and whizz with a hand blender or similar until smooth. Leave some peas unblended if you would like that.


Utterly delicious! I had some on toast for breakfast, one slice with butter, one slice without, both delightful.

I’m currently adding Aleppo pepper to everything, but chilli would be great too, or smoky or sweet paprika. Up the garlic or leave it out.

Use on everything you would use chickpea hummus. In a sandwich, add some grated carrot for even more veg, or sliced tomato or cucumber. Use as a dip with crudités, top a jacket potato, stir through pasta, spread on a wrap etc

If you are interested this is gluten free, dairy free and vegan. Plus it’s only 10 Syns on Slimming World for the whole batch.

Butternut Squash Hummus

Butternut squash hummus

Make exactly the same as the Green Pea Hummus, substituting butternut squash for the peas.

Butternut squash, 75p/kg, 22p

The whole batch is 77p, 19p per 100g

Sweetcorn Hummus

Sweetcorn Hummus

Make exactly the same as the Green Pea Hummus, substituting sweetcorn for the green peas.

Frozen sweetcorn £1.10/kg, 33p

The whole batch is 88p, 22p per 100g

Vegetable hummus made with butternut squash, or green peas or sweetcorn. Gluten free, vegan and only 10 Syns for the whole batch. Delicious! Click To Tweet


Some of the growing list of flavours I want to try are: swap peas for butternut squash and a couple of dates; or butternut squash, smoked paprika and miso; swap peas for sweetcorn and add ginger, turmeric and swap lemon juice for lime; swap peas for beetroot; swap peas for swede; swap peas for parsnip.

The tahini really contributes a lot of flavour to this and makes it taste really hummus like. So, many flavours on my list include that tahini, but there are many many others that occur and I’ll try loads of them and edit this post to include them as and when I do


A trio of vegetable hummus

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Another Trio of Vegetable Hummus
Maple Syrup, Toasted Almond & Cranberry Granola
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