Yummy, filling and generous portions of Spring green pasta sauce with parmesan, 51p a head
Bran flakes and shed beds

That delicious looking pudding was what I had yesterday at Galin. Peanut mousse with banana cake and caramel sauce. It was wonderful and inspired me to see if I could recreate the mousse.

It was super smooth, mildly peanutty and a bit buttery. I asked the owner when he came to the table how it was made. And he said I’m not telling you that, you’ll make it at home and not come to our restaurant!

This combination makes a very smooth, mildly peanutty mousse. It’s got a fairly good strength and would stand up to being spread or dipped into.



1 tblsp peanut butter, value 62p/320g, 4p
2 tblsp value soft cheese, or thick Greek yogurt, 69p/500g, 3p
2 tsps sugar

Just put everything in a small bowl and mix well together. Allow the sugar to dissolve, or use icing sugar.

The spoon on the right is soft cheese, the one on the left is yogurt. They both taste lovely, the soft cheese one has a slight cheesy flavour to it.

This is lovely straight from a tsp. If you like pb, you will like this. It has much fewer calories and fat than straight pb, especially if you use the yogurt version. I’ll try a crunchy peanut butter version next.

I will use this with carrot batons or celery sticks to dip in, or toast one of those pitta that we made recently and have it with that and some radishes from the greenhouse. Probably not robust enough for a sandwich, but would be fabulous on crunchy toast for breakfast, no need for butter. Would be good on a jacket potato tho with some salad veg, or stirred through pasta or rice. Or how about spread generously on a scone or plain biscuit.

Then there are all the combinations too, on that toast with a drizzle of jam or honey, or a good drizzle of pesto, any kind. Or spread a crumpet with some grainy mustard or marmite and put peanut mousse on top. Pile up some crudités and put a dippy pot of mousse in the middle.

Mix in a little soy, hoisin or plum sauce for a real savoury hit.

Lots of possibilities for this, let your imagination run riot – and let me know what you come up with, I love hearing from you.

I’m going to put this in the freezer now and see if it survives.

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Yummy, filling and generous portions of Spring green pasta sauce with parmesan, 51p a head
Bran flakes and shed beds