Amazon Deals

This marvellous widget enables you to search for bargains on Amazon. I’m always looking for things on Amazon and it is the first place I look when wanting to buy something. I do look elsewhere as well, but often end up back at Amazon as it’s the cheapest place to get whatever it is I’m looking for. Just put in your search criteria and the clever little thing does everything else.

You can choose what Department and  Sub-Category you will be searching; a minimum and/or maximum price; any keywords and what order you want your items to be presented to you. I love the discount range slider! This works best if you select a Department. I set it to 99% and see what pops up! All kinds of things can be had for 1p plus postage. How about a hamster cage, an aluminium spray bottle or a 4 piece cutlery set?


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If you buy anything from Amazon after clicking through from here, I may get a small commission. This doesn’t affect the price you pay and all goes towards keeping Thrifty Lesley running.

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