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Stunning 3 Course Valentines Day Dinner, £1.84 a head

Anchovy PasteAnchovy Paste

Bought a tube of anchovy paste a while back, with the idea of exploring ways of using it here. Have looked up the price on mySupermarket, but have noticed that the blighters seem to be steadily removing Basics type lines, not that this tube is, but it was the cheapest way of buying anchovy paste. So shall have to pop in the shop and check the price. I think it was 90p for 57g?
Was reading one of my recipe books last night, a Pasta one. In it there was the most minimalist recipe for spaghetti which was good oil and garlic. I might try that, although I think that you must need the olive oil, which we don’t buy here. But reading it, I think a similar minimalist recipe could be done using a smidgeon of the paste.

A 2nd idea is to make a pizza base, smear a little anchovy paste on, top with cooked onions and olives, probably no cheese, but maybe a little soft cheese. Then there is Puttanesca, which is pasta with anchovy, olives, tomato, capers and parmesan. Peppers stuffed with breadcrumbs, anchovy, olives and tomatoes. And finally, just in a sandwich, a smear topped with soft cheese, with something crunchy, cucumber possibly.

I also found a recipe that used the anchovy paste with soft cheese, feta, garlic and chives, as a sandwich filling. Sounds intriguing and I might try it, depends how it costs up.

So, do you like anchovies? If you do, how would you use the paste to get some 50p dinners? Do let me know, I will be working up some recipes and posting them soon.

The local foodbank people have taken a shine to the blog (and me, blush) and I will be doing a demo next Friday to some people, and a talk at the end of Feb, so that’s quite exciting. A journalist got in touch and I replied, but heard nothing else yet, so that may come to nothing. It would be great to get what we do here a bit of publicity so that more people who need it can use it.






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Exasperations, interesting impulses and what's happening
Stunning 3 Course Valentines Day Dinner, £1.84 a head