Home Made Christmas Hampers
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I speak about approved foods sometimes and have bought many things there. If someone uses my affiliate link, and is a new customer, I get a small amount. I use these amounts to get stuff for the foodbank. That way, I can get the maximum amount of donatable items for the money. They can’t take out of date stuff, but there are still lots of stuff I can get them.

I haven’t had any affiliate income for a while, but decided to make an order anyway. Christmas is coming and need is even greater at the foodbanks at that time. Plus in any area unfortunate enough to have had universal credit applied, the foodbanks have seen at least a 30% increase in demand. Supplies have to come from somewhere, and I am in the fortunate position to be able to donate.

What I found

I found some good value things to donate, still in date.

These are boxes of 20 energy bar type things, selling at £1 per bar in Waitrose (the only supermarket selling them). Each box cost £5. I got 2 boxes each of beetroot and walnut, sweet potato and pecan, kale and cashew. One box for the food bank, one box for me.

Energy bars

We’ve tried them all, sharing one bar of each type. I think all three flavours are seriously good. Mike likes two of them, but hated the ‘green’ taste of the kale, I loved it! If they don’t get used at the foodbank, I’ll have them back!

Energy bars

More stuff

This is the rest of the stuff destined for them. A cook in sweet and sour sauce 75p a jar, 4 tins of chicken breast £1.25 each, the bottom box is 200 sachets of tomato sauce £1.99 and the top box is 24 sachets of chilli sauce 50p. The latter two are just an added extra, so that the foodbank can just add a few sachets for added interest. It can be shared between more people than a few bottles of ketchup. And kids love ketchup!

Approved food order

The picture at the top is a lucky dip box of crisps, 30 packs for £3.

And finally

The final item was a checkout extra. It’s a massive 1 kilo tin of instant cappuccino, that makes a whopping 80 mugs, £2. I’ve divided it up between 6 jam jars, so 6 families can have some, and I’ll write the instructions onto a parcel label and tie it round the top. I’ll also secure the top with sticky tape. Don’t want the jars coming undone and spilling it everywhere!

Instant cappuccino

Am I showing off?

By now, you may be asking yourself why on earth I’m telling you all this. I’m not flaunting my ability to do it, nor showing off about doing it. What I’m hoping to do is to show just how much you can get for any donation amount you have in mind. More, much more, than you could get in the shops. Just putting it out there for the next time you’d like to donate


An approved food order for the foodbank




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Home Made Christmas Hampers
Reverse Advent, Slimming World and Books
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