Vegetable Crumble. Root veg in a tomato sauce, topped with oats, cheese and salted peanuts
Rosti - 33p a serving, Meal Plan 1

Have this baked sponge any time during the week when you need the calories. Would be lovely as a Sunday tea, or maybe after Sunday lunch for a real blowout. If you are following the planner in full, then you can afford the blow out and still spend only £1 a day

Baked Marmalade Sponge

1 egg, beaten
100g self raising flour, sieved
100g sugar
100ml vegetable oil
200g marmalade

Serves 4

Put the vegetable oil and sugar in a bowl and mix it about a bit. Add the beaten egg, bit by bit, beating well between each addition to get a bit of air in the mixture. If you can, beat it until light and fluffy.

Carefully fold in the sieved flour.

Put the marmalade in a small baking dish and top with the sponge mixture. Bake at 150 fan/180 non-fan for about 45 minutes until golden on top.


I use this dish, which measures 8”/20cm x 5.5”/14cm on the inside useable part, and has a capacity of 800ml

Makes 4 portions


Any jam of course can be used in the base. Or you could put the base and sponge mix in a 2 pint pudding basin and steam it for a couple of hours to make a steamed pudding.  Put a lid on the basin or tightly tie on a couple of layers of greaseproof paper.  Steam it in a slow cooker for fuel efficiency

Or you could microwave it for 6 minutes in the baking dish.

Needless to say, custard would be lovely with this, or cream or ice cream

You could replace a large, heaped tblsp of flour with sieved cocoa for a chocolatey version, or how about a coffee one, using 2 tsps instant coffee dissolved in the tiniest amount of water. Or even both for a choca mocha! For a total sugar rush, serve with chocolate sauce and chocolate ice cream

About 30g of dried fruit stirred through would work well, or 20g dates and 10g walnuts

You get the idea….. try some stuff and see if you like it, not for the slimmers though, should just be an occasional treat


Per serving

Calories  548, Protein  5, Fat  25, Carbohydrate  74

Cost       13p per serving

This is from Meal Plan 1, a complete 7 day plan for 2 adults. Contains 3 meals a day, plus snacks , all recipes and a shopping list

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Vegetable Crumble. Root veg in a tomato sauce, topped with oats, cheese and salted peanuts
Rosti - 33p a serving, Meal Plan 1