Tomato Dhal & Rice - 27p per serving
Spaghetti with Beef & Tomato Pasta Sauce - 29p a portion

I’ve been wanting to try a beetroot and feta tart for a while now. Made it for lunch today and it was just as delicious as I thought it would be. My intention was to make a tart to serve 2, but by the time I had diced up the beetroot, it was obvious it wasn’t going to fit into my 2 portion tart dish. So this amount makes 4 portions. If you just want 2, just half everything and use a 2 portion sized dish.


  • 500g shrink wrapped pk of cooked beetroot  44p
  • 200g pk of feta 75p, I only used 175g worth, and realistically, half the pk would have been fine, so say 38p
  • 150g self raising flour  5p
  • 75ml oil  8p
  • oil for roasting 1p
  • sprigs of rosemary
  1. Extract the beetroot from the shrink wrapped pack and cut it into chunks. Toss it with a little oil, salt and pepper and the rosemary sprigs which have been stripped down to their leaves, we don’t want the stalks. Make sure the rosemary gets covered in oil and it will roast to a lovely crunchy texture. Roast the beetroot in a medium oven for 20 mins
  2. Meanwhile, make the pastry. Combine the oil and the flour and add up to 75ml of cold water to make a soft dough, just gently stirring with a spoon, no rubbing in needed.  Roll out the pastry to the thickness of a £1 coin, and line a 20-22cm flan tin.
  3. Unwrap the feta and cut it into small cubes.
  4. Once the beetroot has roasted, take it out of the oven and tip it into the lined flan tin. Keep the oven on
  5. Spread the beetroot out evenly in the pastry case. Put the diced feta in between the beetroot. Bake in the oven, 180C, for 20-25 minutes, until the pastry looks cooked
  6. Serve immediately if you want it hot, I haven’t tried it yet, I only made this at lunchtime and it is still the afternoon, but I am sure it will be good cold the next day for lunch or dinner. I will be trying it out tomorrow!

Beetroot & Feta Tart

I had mine with chunky chopped cucumber and carrot ribbons with a tsp of a mustardy vinaigrette. It would be good with any salady bits, or green beans, or anything else you fancy.

Next time, I think I will finely chop 2 tbslps of rosemary and add it to the pastry mix. If you don’t have access to any rosemary, other herbs would work, marjoram, oregano, basil or a half tsp dried mixed herbs. Or if you don’t have any of those, just leave it out.

Oh damn, only just remembered I was going to mix roasted onion quarters in with the beetroot :(, oh well, something else for next  time

  • Per serving
  • 400 cals, 23g fat, 37g carb, 11g protein




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Tomato Dhal & Rice - 27p per serving
Spaghetti with Beef & Tomato Pasta Sauce - 29p a portion