Mealy worms, double crumbles and cooked radish
Bank Holiday weather, Finance Packages and Mr & Mrs Robin Bobbin

I am a bit frustrated at the moment. The last two meal plans I put up are for 1 person, so I thought it would be interesting to amalgamate the two, and make one weeks plan for 2 people.

I envisaged it as a bit of a 5 minute job. But I have fiddled and twiddled trying to make it work, it took ages. Finally, I got it right and wrote the post, ready. I just needed to add the nutrition, so worked it out….. and it doesn’t have enough calories! Gah! It works out at about 1800 calories each, where I do 1 person at 2000 and 1 person at 2500 when I do a 2 person plan. How very annoying 🙁

Spinach and Onion Bhajis

For 1 person, you will need
35g frozen spinach, 1kg £1.15, 5p
Tsp garlic powder, Rajah 69p/100g, 3p
Tsp ginger, Rajaj 69p/100g, 3p
40g onion, chopped 5p
50g value flour, 1.5kg/45p, 2p
Half tsp turmeric, TRS 62p/100g, 3p
Half tsp garam masala, TRS 60p/100g, 3p
Tsp cumin, Rajah 68p/100g, 6p
Tbsp oil to fry with, 1p
Total of 31p, plus accompaniment

Just mix everything together with enough water to make a paste. Heat a frying pan with a little oil in. Drop in large spoonfuls of batter and fry gently until the tops are set. Flip over and do the other side, adding more oil if you need it.

I had them with a salsa of tomatoes and apple, which was ok, but I wouldn’t have it again with these. What did work very well however, was the puddle of sweet chilli sauce. You definitely need something piquant to go with them, some pickle, or chutney of some kind.

I used some garlic and ginger paste from a huge jar I got from an Indian shop. I didn’t fry the onion first because when I do onion bhaji’s I don’t, and they work well. So I thought these would too, and they did.

You could use absolutely any spices that you have stashed in the larder. Including of course, a premixed curry powder.

You could add a lot or a little chilli to spice it up. You could use the spices I have, but less of them. Give it a go and see what combination you can come up with.

On Wednesday, guess what we had fitted?

THESE!! Woohoo!!

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Mealy worms, double crumbles and cooked radish
Bank Holiday weather, Finance Packages and Mr & Mrs Robin Bobbin