Rubber Chicken


Cost per portionCaloriesFatProteinCarbsVegetarian
Gluten Free 
Bacon Sandwich26p584 cals34g fat30g protein39g carbsnouse gf bread
Sardine Sandwich Paste, on 2 x toast10p a sandwichnouse gf bread
1 x toast with egg, 1 x toast with marmalade13p219 cals21g fat16g protein46g carbsnouse gf bread
Porridge, 100g,made with water. Meal Plan 1, Day 35p436 cals8g fat11g protein80g carbsveg/veganuse gf oats
Peanut Butter & Coconut Pancakes with Sweet Chilli - Meal Plan 8image15p402 cals22g fat11g protein42g carbsveg/veganuse gf flour
Apple Pancakes - look at bottom of post
Beef & Sun Dried Tomato sandwich paste,on 2 x toast7p per tblsp, just the paste43 cals4g fat2g protein0g carbsnouse gf bread
Bircher MuesliRose Elliott24p282 cals12g fat8g protein37g carbsveg/not vegan
Breakfast Bhaji's31p314 cals14g fat6g protein39g carbsveg/veganuse gf flourlots of
Carrot & Raisin Loaf 9p252 cals1g fat7g protein54g carbsveg/veganuse gf flourlots of
Chicken & Sun Dried Tomato Paste, to have with toast12p per tblsp, just the paste45 cals4g fat2g protein0g cabsnouse gf bread
Cinnamon Toast8p, 2 slices334 cals20g fat6g protein33g carbsveg/veganuse gf bread
Creamy Apples and Croutons37p with bought apples, 17p with foraged ones304 cals11g fat5g protein43g carbsveg/not veganuse gf bread
Cooked Muesli 2015-10-09 09.08.43
Potted Cheese, to have with toast8p per tblsp, just the paste98 cals9g fat3g protein0g carbsveg/not veganuse gf bread
Ginger Toast with Banana 22p372 cals20g fat7g protein42g carbsveg/veganuse gf bread
Granola8p or 14p including milk343 cals, excl milk18g fat4g protein40g carbsveg/veganuse gf oatsmakes 24
Herby Pancakes with Poached Egg - Meal Plan 10poached egg15p346 cals13g fat12g protein45g carbsveg/not veganuse gf flour
Home Made Muesliimage9p incl milk227 cals5g fat8g protein36g carbsveg/vegan
Jammy oat barsJammy Oat Bars7p289 cals12g fat3g protein42g carbsveg/veganuse gf oats
White Cabbage Pancakes & Sweet Chilli - Meal Plan 88p243 cals7g fat6g protein38g carbsveg/veganuse gf flour, check the chilli sauce
Egg on Toast, Jam on Toast. Meal Plan 3, Day 621p388 cals10g fat16g protein58g carbsveg/not veganuse gf bread
Mushrooms on ToastMushrooms on toast41p220 cals7g fat13g protein29g carbsveg/not veganuse gf bread
Overnight OatsOvernight oatsveg/vegan with appropriate subsuse gf oatssquillions of variations
Plummy Oatsveg/vegan with appropriate subsuse gf flourlots of different flavours
Raisin PancakesRaisin pancakes8p280 cals6g fat1g protein62g carbsveg/veganuse gf flour
Spring Green Breakfast Pancakesmade from odds and endsuse gf flourlots of
Bean & Spicy Katjan Sauce on 2 x toast12p a sandwichveg/veganuse gf bread
4 Asda Wheat Bisks & 140ml Milk - No Power Meal Plan 19p337 cals2g fat14g protein58g carbsveg/vegan, use alt milk
125g Asda Smartprice Muesli & 140ml milk, No Power Meal Plan22p594 cals21g fat51g protein91g carbsveg/not vegan, milk powder in the muesli
Bran Flakes (80g) and milk (250ml) - Meal Plan 919p323 cals2g fat14g protein58g carbsveg/vegan, use alt milk
Broccoli Pesto on Toast. Meal Plan 2, Day 727p227 cals14g fat6g protein17g carbsveg/veganuse gf breadlots of uses
smoked mackerel on toastSmoked Mackerel & Creamy Soft Cheese on Granary Toast63p
Rosti with Sweetcorn24p365 cals15g fat5g protein56g carbveg /veganuse gf flour
Gorgeous Granola Breakfast BarsGranola Breakfast Bars24p490 cals20g fat6g protein44g carbsveg/use vegan fatuse gf oats and flourmany variations
Bacon & Ketchup paste, cals per 10g2p35 cals3g fat2g proteinnegno
Sausage Paste
Savoury Yogurtsavoury yogurt33p164 cals14g fat5g protein5g carbsveg/not vegangfmany variations
Fruit & Nut Case Paste, per sandwich13p
Maple Syrup & Toasted Almond Granolamaple syrup granola18p per 50g portion + milk222 cals10g fat4g protein28g carbsveg/vegan (sub butter)use gf oats


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