Free groceries arriving in the garden
A garden visit, youth re-visited and salady musings on the bus

imageInspired by yesterday’s salady success, I had another one today. This one was
80g dried butter beans, soaked and cooked, Asda Great Scott 375g/£1.18, 25p
I think this is the equivalent of a tin?
Some lettuce and rocket from the garden
Half a red pepper, very finely sliced, Asda pk of 3, 99p, 16p
A carrot, peeled and cut into ribbons with the peeler, 5p
Handful of grapes, 50g Asda £2.50/kg, 12p
Tblsp lemon juice Asda KTC 39p/250ml, 2p
Tblsp coconut powder, £1.89/159g, 24p
Total of 84p, plus lettuce

I also added a tblsp of sweetcorn because I had a tin open in the fridge

My coconut milk powder is from Approved Foods and bought for a lot less than half the price of a packet from the supermarket, this cuts the price of the dish quite a bit.

As yesterday, can be stretched to 2 portions with crusty bread and butter, or maybe some oven wedges. Would be good for lunch or dinner, or as a packed lunch for work or a picnic in the park.

Mix the lemon juice and coconut powder together. This dressing sings with the lemon juice and is creamy and very slightly sweet from the coconut. You could use coconut milk from a tin if you have no powder.


Layer all the vegetables, as yesterday, any salady type veg will work here.


I loved this. My only complaint was that I hadn’t cooked the butter beans quite long enough, and there wasn’t really enough dressing. I am counting the calories, otherwise I may have made more, or added a tbslp of cream or something. But otherwise, really nice. Actually, I could have added some yoghurt, that would have been allowed calorie wise as well!

I have been growing land cress in the garden for a few years, this year it seems to go to seed before I have had a chance to eat any. So I planted two 12″ pots of proper watercress, which I have to keep permanently in a couple of inches of water, which is fine. But the water has got lots of wrigglers in it now. We have enough trouble with biting bugs here, possibly because of the farm over the road, I don’t want to breed any more. Anybody got any ideas how I can keep the water free of wrigglers?

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Free groceries arriving in the garden
A garden visit, youth re-visited and salady musings on the bus