Things You May Never Need To Buy Again

Cakes & Bakes

Cost per
Calories FatProteinCarbsVegetarian/
Spicy Apple CakeSpicy Apple cake
Fudgy, gooey, white chocolate Blondiesblondies13p211 cals15g fat3g protein16g carbs
Plain Scones, 12 scones27p batch, 2p each311 cals14g fat4g protein41g carbsveg/vegan
Arguably, The best chocolate brownies - EVERThis very simple chocolate brownie recipe makes the best chocolate brownies!13p211 cals15g fat3g protein16g carbs
Raisin Tart
Darkest Chocolate Ginger Torte
Sugar Free Chocolate FixSugar Free Chocolate, Cranberry and Walnut Tea Bread6p94 cals2g fat3g protein18g carbsveg/vegan
coconut biscuitsCoconut Biscuits3p each, makes 24119 cals6g fat1g protein14g carbveg/veganlots of variations
Walnut 'Nutella' BitesWalnut Nutella Ferraro Rocher type bites
Tomato Scones, 12 scones30p batch, 2-3p each 292 cals16g fat5g protein32g carbsveg/vegan
Savoury Flapjacks15p184 cals13g fat3g protein14g carbvegan (check bottled stuff)use gf oats and check bottled stuff
Rosemary, mustard and cayenne scones53p a batch (12), 4p each
Raisin Biscuits28p batch, 1.4p each if 20 biscuits73 cals3g fat1g protein11g carbsveg/veganlots of variations
Damson & Walnut Cakeimageveg/not veganlots of variations
Peanut Butter & Jam Mug Cakepeanut butter & jam mug cake
Oaty Biscuitsoaty biscuits1p77 cals4g fat1g protein9g carbsveg/vegan
Raspberry MuffinsRaspberry muffins17p
Coffee and Walnut CakeCoffee and walnut cake
Muffins made with Mincemeat & Oatsmuffins with mincemeat and oats
Flapjacks - Meal Plan 4image26p batch246 cals17g fat2g protein21g carbveg/vegan
Three Ingredient CakeCake16p223 cals0g fat3g protein50g carbsveg/veganuse gf flourlots of variations
Ginger Cakeginger cake16p
Herby Scones2p144 cals3g fat1g protein6g carbsveg/veganuse gf flour
Cranks Bread Pudding9p166 cals6g fat4g protein25g carbs
Date & Apple Muffins
Fruit Scones 12 scones4p each, 55p batch206 cals10g fat2g protein27g carbsveg/veganlots of variations
Fruit Loaf9p305 cals13g fat4g protein43g carbsveglots of variations
Coffee & Walnut Biscuits
Very chocolatey chocolate muffinsChocolate muffins11p202 cals7g fat4g protein29g carbsveg/not veganuse gf flourlots of variations
Chocolate Fudge Cake, with and without eggs29psquillionsveg/veganuse gf flourlots and lots of variations
Banana Cake - Tass' recipe
Bread Puddenbread pudden9p166 cals6g fat4g protein25g carbsveg/not veganuse gf bread
Bannocks with Roasted Veg Hoummous -Meal Plan 8image
Bannock Digestives - Meal Plan9
26p for 30 bannocks
Apple and Spice Muffins, no eggs4plots of variations
Chocolate, Coconut, Raisin & Chopped Nut Muffin
Almond & Nutella Tartalmond nutella tart647 cals 48g fat12g protein39g carbs

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Things You May Never Need To Buy Again