This was breakfast this morning, Cinnamon Toast, 4p a slice, very scrummy (we won’t mention the Nespresso coffee I had with it – sshhh!). I have been thinking about breakfasts, and Cinnamon Toast sprang to mind. Decided to try it without any egg

Cinnamon Toast

1 slice bread, 47p loaf, assume 22 slices 2p
2 tsps oil, veg oil £1.25/litre 1p
generous pinch of cinnamon each side Asda TRS 49p/100g 0.5p
tsp sugar, 88p/kg 0.5p

so I sprinkled a tsp of oil on each side of a slice of bread and rubbed it in. Then sprinkled on half a tsp of sugar and a generous pinch cinnamon and pressed it in, flipped over the bread and repeated the oil/sugar/cinnamon.

Cinnamon toastThen I put the slice in the toaster and toasted it for 2 minutes. It smelled divine, but I decided it could do with a bit more, so gave it another minute. Just right, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. Wanted another one!

This was really delicious, I am going to try it with other spices. Ginger, Mixed Spice, Nutmeg – yum yum 🙂 .

I budget a fluid 20p for breakfast and lunch, 50p for dinner, 10p for a cakey thing on the £1 a day, so if you have this for breakfast, options open up. A 2nd slice! or an extra 16p somewhere else during the day, a more expensive dinner perhaps, or pop the extra few pence in a jar to save up for some kind of treat. A new nail varnish or lipstick, or a pint down the pub.

This is from Meal Plan 2, a complete 7 day plan for 2 adults. Contains 3 meals a day, plus snacks , all recipes and a shopping list

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