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What did you last spend £1 on?
Meal plan 8 - Oaty fritters, veg, chilli & yogort

Getting my strength back, bit by bit. It’s slow going, but I can feel it happening. Did the washing up this morning and the smallest of tidies in the kitchen, then had to have a sit down as I was worn out. On the up side, I didn’t have a coughing fit until 3 o’clock today.

When I eventually feel fit enough to go back to the gym, how hard is that going to be!

DP has a cold, we think, we don’t think it is the same as I have/had, although that may change. He is feeling sorry for himself, and he gets the munchies when unwell. So this afternoon I had a little play.

He loves walnut and coffee cake, but I didn’t have enough go in me to make one of those. So I made a variation of the coconut biscuits, swapping out the coconut and adding a heaped tsp of instant coffee dissolved in a tbslp of water, and 30g of walnuts, chopped fine.

I was going to make a half batch, and added half the quantity of flour and sugar, then forgot and added the whole amount of oil. Oh well, a whole batch it is then. Although no more coffee or walnuts got added, no energy for faffing.

They are pretty good, although they would have been better with the proper amount of coffee and walnuts. Crispy and too moreish, I have put them in a tin, out of the way.

When you make any variations of these biscuits, make sure that the mixture is soft enough by adding a little water, a tablespoon at a time. If the dough is on the dry side, it won’t spread enough, and the texture, once cooked, won’t be right.



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What did you last spend £1 on?
Meal plan 8 - Oaty fritters, veg, chilli & yogort