Beetroot Ragu Lasagna
Something different to do as side dishes with everyday vegetables

Competition – A Panasonic Bread Maker

The competition for The Curry Guy Cook Book all seemed to go well with no hitches, so here’s the next one. This month we have a pre-loved Panasonic SD-2500 WXC Automatic Bread Maker. This is very similar to the one I use and I absolutely love mine. It makes THE most fantastic bread. I’m still experimenting and am yet to make any cake, jam or compote, and I’m looking forward to trying out those options

The Bread Maker will automatically mix, prove, rise and bake a beautiful loaf. It has 10 bread and dough modes and can make 3 different loaf sizes

In addition, there are 8 jam and 6 compote recipes

The bread maker can automatically create a wide variety of different breads, jam, cakes and compotes.

Choose the size and crust darkness of your loaf according to your taste.

The 100% gluten free programme allows you to bake gluten free loaves, using a wide range of gluten free bread mixes and flours. Giving you the pleasure of having freshly baked bread on a gluten free diet much more economically than shop bought. I made a gluten free loaf for my brother, who is coeliac, just using half a bag of Dove’s ordinary self raising wheat free flour, bought from my local supermarket. It came out very well and had a nice texture. Gluten free loaves are £2-3 in the shops, so this is SO much cheaper

The Specialty Mode enables you to use various grains and flours, like Spelt flour, which cannot be made easily on their own. Spelt is a variety of grain closely related to wheat and packed with nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and essential organic compounds

Good luck everyone. This is a heavy box, so I can only post this in the UK I’m afraid

Competition for a bread maker

Panasonic Automatic Bread Maker

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Beetroot Ragu Lasagna
Something different to do as side dishes with everyday vegetables