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I almost finished setting up this competition for a Mliter Digital Food Dehydrator a month ago, but life got in the way. This fab prize is perfect for preserving garden and allotment surpluses or a bargain at the greengrocer

I’ll be drying apples and pears over the next few weeks. I’ve just recently used the last of the previous years, so good timing

Mliter Digital Food Dehydrator

  • Mliter Digital Food Dehydrator is the best choice for slow-drying. More powerful than before, so food dries faster.
  • Built-in air circulation system operates smoothly via an automatic fan. It guarantees the warm air will penetrate each tray of food. Works efficiently as well as dries completely.
  • Four independent buttons are able to be used to control the length of drying time or the temperature of drying. In addition, time control and overheat protection systems are available. The dehydrator will stop itself when the allocated time runs out.
  • Overheat Protection System: The inside temperature is kept at a level to protect the dehydrator. It will cut down the power automatically if it overheats.
  • Each tray was designed with its own air holes. It enhances the circulation of warm air and improves the efficiency of drying. From the transparent top cover the progress can be easily seen. 

Good Luck Everyone


Mliter Digital Food Dehydrator

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An Autumn Panzanella
The Diary Of A Bookseller