Valentine's Day on a Budget
Cabbage, sultana and nut pasta bake

Competition – The Curry Guy, Easy

I am working out how to do competitions. The best way to set them up, what entries to have, and all the other things I have to think about when setting one up.

This is the first one, with a smaller prize, to test out the process and see how it goes.  A brand new copy of The Curry Guy – Easy where Dan Toombs, the author, shares the secrets of fuss free curries. Ones that can be cooked in half the time but still taste just as good as the takeaway.

Dan has been besieged by requests for more curry house favourites, ones that can be cooked with very little equipment and faff, and without all the need for complex restaurant preparation. Here he shares long-awaited recipes for the likes of Chicken 65, Black Dhal, Aloo Chaat, Simple Dosas, Prawn Balti, Lamb Keema Saag, and many more.

Whether it’s getting your curry cooked and on the table speedily, or doing minimal chopping and mixing before popping into a pan to simmer away happily, Dan’s dishes mean you spend less time on the washing-up and more on the enjoyment of eating. For BIR food lovers all over the world, this is an essential guide to making their favourite recipes at home. Dan has spent years researching the methods and secrets of Indian chefs and here he distils that knowledge into a fabulous collection of 100 simple, delectable dishes.

I have a brand new dehydrator and a pre-loved Panasonic bread maker on standby once I think I’ve cracked it. In the meantime, if you fancy a copy of Dan Toombs The Curry Guy – Easy, do enter and the best of luck

The Curry Guy – Easy

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Valentine's Day on a Budget
Cabbage, sultana and nut pasta bake