Finger Dumplings, delicious little butter crisped fingers. Very versatile, savoury or sweet.
New Years Day

I made this today. Had a pack of cranberries in the fridge and I love a good curd, so decided to make a cranberry curd with them. I looked at various recipes on the net. Many used cranberry juice, many used lots of ingredients. So in the end I opted for a Delia Smith Lemon Curd recipe and adapted it for the cranberries. It just has eggs, butter, sugar and fruit in it, with a touch of cornflour. No long list of things to find, no complicated method, perfect

The recipe is from Delia’s Cookery Course and Illustrated Cookery Course

Cranberry Curd

4 eggs, mixed weight, 15 eggs/£1, 27p
250g fresh cranberries £2
250g butter 98p
350g sugar, about 80p/kg, 28p
1 tblsp cornflour, 1p?
Total cost £3.54, made 3 jam jars (plus a tiny bit), so £1.18 each
Put the cranberries in a pan and add a splash of water. Simmer gently until the fruit has burst and is pulp, you may need to add more water, it seems to thicken up as it goes along. You are aiming for a thick pulp.

When the fruit is ready, push it through a sieve, keep pushing until you have just skin and pips left, being sure to get all the bright red pulp from the bottom of the sieve.

Now wait impatiently until the pulp is cool. If you add the eggs to it now, the eggs will scramble which will be vile.

When the pulp is cool put everything in a saucepan and simmer very gently until the curd coats the back of a spoon. Keep whisking it every minute or so, and don’t let it get too hot. Mine took quite a while to cook, but I did have it on a very low heat, I didn’t want it to curdle or anything.

While the curd is cooking, put some clean jam jars and lids in a cool oven for a few minutes to sterilise, leave them there until you are ready to use them.

Once the curd is done,  take the jars from the oven and pour the hot curd into them, filling them right to the top. Cover with waxed discs and seal.

Keep the curd in the fridge, or other cool place, and use within a few weeks or so.

I shall use this on toast for breakfast or with Greek yogurt. It can be used with scones, on biscuits, as a cake filling, with ice cream or even straight from the jar from a spoon, it’s very yummy




You can substitute many fruit pulps for the cranberries. Blackcurrant, redcurrant, blueberry, gooseberry, rhubarb, lemon of course, lime, orange, mandarin or grapefruit. Then there is raspberry, passion fruit,,peach, coconut, kiwi and lime. I would try plum, but it may turn out runnier as the cooked fruit is not so much a pulp, more juicy. Damson would be divine. Any fruit that you like and will make a pulp can be used.

Edit: 14Oct16 – here is a post for a classic apple curd. I have this for breakfast with a sharp apple, sliced, and a sprinkle of cinnamon – delicious!

And how about savoury curds?

I bet a tomato one would work, maybe with some fresh basil, or how about those cheap cans of black olives I got from Approved Food, bet that would be good, sort of like a creamier version of a tapenade. Or beetroot and rosemary. Celeriac or fennel. Caramelised onions are sweet, wonder if there is a version using those, savoury or sweet?

There are very few savoury curds on the web. I found a savoury lemon one that uses boiled whole lemons, puréed with a little salt and butter. And that was about it really. The miso mayonnaise in that link sounds amazing too, just mix 30g miso and 200g mayo together

I’m going to try a couple and see what I can do with them. I shall start with no sugar, and add it gradually until it tastes right. The butter and eggs are what set a curd, so the texture should be right. Hmmm, what about that miso, miso curd?




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Finger Dumplings, delicious little butter crisped fingers. Very versatile, savoury or sweet.
New Years Day