Carrot Hoummous, creamy with tahini, 31p a serving
Corned Beef Hash, 47p a serving

creamy apples and croutonsI had a little play with me breakfast this morning.  Because of the plums and apples in  the garden, I have been having them every day. I didn’t fancy compote again today, so I was wondering what else to do and came up with this.

Now I appreciate that Greg Wallace would tell me off for presentation here, it just looks a browny pile of … stuff, but believe me when I tell you I was all but licking the bowl out.

For just me I used
1 apple, 110g, from the garden, if you bought one, they are typically £1.80 a kilo for the cheaper ones, so 20p
10g butter, value £1.20/250g, 5p
30g soft cheese, value, 75p/300g, 7p
1 tblsp muscovado sugar 1p?
about 50g stale bread, 2 slices? 50p a loaf, 22 slices, 4p

DP has a habit of buying baquettes, having some as soon as he gets in, then a bit more later on, then leaves the rest to go rock hard. So I am constantly trying to find ways of using up stale bread. So this used part of just such a piece.

frying applesI cored and sliced the apple, skin as well, and fried it in the butter until both sides were browned. Then I took the apple out, placing it on one side and put the bread, cut into cubes into the same pan and gently fried the bread until it was crispy. You may need to add a little more butter or some oil.


frying croutonsWhen the bread has crisped up, add the apples back in, along with the sugar, the soft cheese and a couple of tblsps of water. Give it all a good stir so the sauce is evenly distributed. Enjoy immediately while the croutons are still crispy. It was VERY yummy

If you have apples in the garden, or can forage some, this is a cheap breakfast, fitting in with our 20p allowance

per serving, 304 cals, 5g protein, 11.4g fat, 42.7g carb


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Carrot Hoummous, creamy with tahini, 31p a serving
Corned Beef Hash, 47p a serving