Cheapy Bread Rolls, 2p each, an hour from start to finish
Cinnamon Toast for breakfast, 4p a slice

Croutons for PanzanellaCroutons are incredibly useful little things. They can shoosh up many a dish.

Try using the end of a loaf, or something that’s gone a bit stale to eat as bread to make some. You could freeze them, or the un-croutoned bread (my preference), so you can have some at a moments notice.

You can make a meal out of them in a Panzanella with some very ripe tomatoes, sprinkle them on an inexpensive soup to make it a little special, keep a few in a dish and nibble on them as a snack, sprinkle some on any salad as an additional layer of flavour/texture, use them as a savoury snack instead of crisps. Oh, and lots of other things too, make some and see what you can come up with!

Having made some recently, I think I will experiment with flavouring them. Some garlic paste or ginger and garlic paste, or some tandoori spice powder, or any of many other curry spice powders, perhaps with a teeny pinch of dried chilli, or a fine chopped fresh one. Or having had cinammon toast this morning, I think I’ll try cinammon, mixed spice or nutmeg, with a dusting of sugar. They would go well sprinkled on a breakfast of fuit and yogort don’t you think? Yum! I really fancy some of the tandoori spice and some mixed spice ones to snack on now instead of crisps (not that I eat crisps!)
Oh yes, and what about herbs? Some fine chopped rosemary mixed into the oil before tossing, or sprigs of it to go all crispy in the oven. Or thyme, or sage. Not sure about basil, but worth a try. Sea salt and cracked black pepper, a teeny bit of anchovy paste, maybe a few drops of balsamic or lemon juice………

The basic recipe would be something like this


250g stale bread, cut into rough cubes, at the 47p/800g loaf price we have been buying for these recipes, this would be 15p

40ml veg oil, 5p

tomatoes and basil for panzanella
Toss the bread with the oil and some salt and pepper and blast in the oven until browning and crispy. That’s it!

Edit – I now toast the croutons in a frying pan, or in the Remoska, rather than using the oven

These feature in Meal Plan 1, a complete 7 day plan for 2 adults. Contains 3 meals a day, plus snacks , all recipes and a shopping list

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Cheapy Bread Rolls, 2p each, an hour from start to finish
Cinnamon Toast for breakfast, 4p a slice