Raw chickpea carrot falafel, 15p. Delicious, with sweet variations too
Mushrooms on toast, 41p. A super simple plate of loveliness for any time of day

UK Money Bloggers & an Easter Competition

For the last few months, I have been a member of UK Money Bloggers. It’s an interesting community of people who blog about money – clue is in the name! Andy, the guy who runs it, is keen and has had some innovative ideas in the time I have been involved. Ideas including todays lovely competition for some Hotel Chocolat Easter goodies, which he put together with Quidco.

Are you going to be buying some Easter eggs soon?

Quidco sponsored a recent event for UK Money Bloggers where a group met up in London and did a blind taste test of Easter Eggs. The results may surprise you, it did them! There were lots of unexpected opinions – cheap ones that came out quite high, expensive ones that came out quite low.

Easter Eggs

If you are just interested in chocolate, then Easter eggs are rubbish value, I think you probably know that already. They are generally over packaged with a per 100g price hugely inflated from that of a bar. Easter eggs are basically a massive opportunity for retailers to add value. Having said that, they are fun, and if you are going to buy one/some, you might be interested in the taste testing results.

I wasn’t able to attend the blind taste testing, but I did get sent some packs of mini eggs by Quidco to try at home.

I tried one or two of all of them for you! Shouldn’t have really – diet / migraine / hard to resist!

Mini eggs

These are my considered results

CDM mini eggs

Larger than the other mini eggs with the lovely CDM taste. They are solid chocolate, but I found them just that little bit too big for a mini egg, a bit gob stoppery, and I couldn’t really see why I would want to buy these rather than a bar 5/10

Creme egg mini eggs

Very sweet, but the centre is not as runny as a full sized creme egg. If you like creme eggs, it is the centre that you like. These didn’t really eat like one, and I liked these the least 5/10


The distinctive Lindor taste shone through after unwrapping one of the individually wrapped eggs and popping it in my mouth. These look and taste expensive, which is just as well, as they are the most expensive of the mini eggs on test, although the £3 for 2 packs bring that cost down. 8/10


These mini eggs looked very pretty, with a crunchy outside and a soft centre. Perhaps because of the soft centre, each egg didn’t last very long in the mouth. The pretty packaging means that they could easily be zooshed up and presented in a pretty tea cup, egg cup or small box and wrapped in cellophane to make a very attractive little Easter gift. 8/10

Galaxy golden mini eggs

These were my favourites. I loved the golden colour, they looked glamorous and special and had a gorgeous crunchy mouthfeel and that unique Galaxy flavour. Not the cheapest, but something special for the season. I could have easily scoffed dozens of these with no problem at all! 9/10

Mini eggs

Easter chocolate competition

Quidco have very kindly given all the bloggers in the UK Money Bloggers community these delicious Hotel Chocolat Easter goodies as prizes. It’s free to enter and closes at midnight on Sunday 20th March 2016. The first prize is a three month Hotel Chocolat Tasting Club membership (worth £60), 2nd prize: Hotel Chocolat Easter Chocolate collection (worth £35) and third prize, Hotel Chocolat Easter Goody bag (worth £18).  I have enjoyed Hotel Chocolat items in the past and can vouch for the fact that they are top quality, completely gorgeous chocolate, not to be missed given the chance.

If you like Hotel Chocolat treats, they are very lovely and pretty expensive, you can get 12% cashback right now on Quidco, which might make them more affordable.

Win Hotel Chocolat Easter goodies!

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Raw chickpea carrot falafel, 15p. Delicious, with sweet variations too
Mushrooms on toast, 41p. A super simple plate of loveliness for any time of day