A Relaxing Day
The gym, average curries, out of season garlic and lots of potatoes

Here is the recipe for faggots I promised yesterday. I used a pack of liver from the freezer and some of the stale bread, also in the freezer, I had cubed ready to be used for croutons.

500g pigs liver, Asda 17p/100g, 85p
250g onions, 60p/kg, 15p
300g breadcrumbs, value loaf, 40p/800g, 15p
50g veg oil, £1.25/litre, 6p
1 level tsp sage
Total cost £1.21, serves 5, 24p a portion

To prepare the faggots
I am lucky enough to have gadgets and used the food processor for this. Peel the onion and chop in the processor, tip into a bowl. Chop your bread roughly and pulse the processor until it has a bread crumb consistency. It doesn’t have to be superfine or anything, we just don’t want huge pieces of bread in the finished faggots. Tip the crumbs into the bowl.

Breadcrumbs and onion

Now put the liver in the processor and pulse for just a few seconds, too long and you will have liquid liver. Tip the chopped liver into the bowl. I’m not showing you a picture of that, it doesn’t look very appealing like that!

We now need to season. I added a tsp of salt and lots of fresh ground pepper. I wanted the taste of sage, but don’t have any in the garden at present. My heavy, wet, clay soil finished it off over the winter and I need to get another plant, or grow some seeds. I had a rummage in the larder and thought I could use some stuffing mix. So I added three heaped tblsps of it to the bowl and squished it all together with my hands.

Then I got out a baking tray and lined it with that reusable silicone stuff and used my hands to make generous balls of mixture. As you can see, I got 15 balls, making 3 each for 5 portions.

If you don’t have a processor, chop the onion finely. You should be able to breadcrumb the bread by chopping it with a large, sharp, knife on a big board. Just keep chopping away, the whole length of the blade, and the bread will get smaller and make breadcrumbs. If you have a liquidiser, you could do it in that. The liver will chop down quite quickly with a sharp knife. I wouldn’t use a liquidiser, it will process it too finely and, erm, liquidise it.

Bake the faggots in a medium oven for about an hour.


Serve with a big pile of mash and a vegetable or two. Comfort food at its best.

Smart price gravy granules add about 2p a serving.

I shall have 1 portion this evening and freeze the rest, for another day. I might even have another portion tomorrow, I am supposed to be using up what’s in the freezer, not keep putting more stuff in it! Even if you are not a fan of the strong taste of the cheaper pigs liver, you should be alright with these. The breadcrumbs dilute the flavour so that they actually taste quite mild.

Edit: after dinner. I enjoyed these a lot, however I think they would benefit from being soaked in the gravy prior to serving, or maybe even being cooked in the gravy in a covered dish ….. perfect for the slow cooker then




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A Relaxing Day
The gym, average curries, out of season garlic and lots of potatoes