The Live Below The Line UK challenge, 2015 - LBLUK2015
Cooking around the world

Got a very busy day today. Been catching up on paperwork and doing lots of little jobs – where do they all come from. I’m off to WI committee in a bit, a quick bite round the Presidents house, then we’re off to see Love’s Labour’s Won, better known as Much Ado About Nothing. One of the live transmissions to picture houses, this one by the Royal Shakespeare Company. Really looking forward to  it. The previous one, Love’s Labour’s Lost was outstanding.

In the meantime, this recipe just pinged into my inbox from Mo. Should save you from any night starvation whilst I’m gallivanting! I love Cranks recipes and have used many of them in my time. When we were first vegetarian, many years ago, and we’re not now, I used Cranks recipes a lot as I learned to cook that way.

So, with thanks to Mo, and to Cranks, here’s one of theirs – sounds scrummy. DP loves a good bread pudden

8ozs any type of stale bread
284ml milk
3-4ozs dried fruit
2ozs melted butter or marg
2ozs sugar
mixed spice to taste[1-2 tsps]

1 egg[beaten]

Break up bread and soak in milk till soft. Add all other ingredients. Turn into greased shallow ovenproof dish Level surface. Bake 45 mins 180 c till set.
I have been making this recipe for 30 years from the original CRANKS RECIPE BOOK.



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The Live Below The Line UK challenge, 2015 - LBLUK2015
Cooking around the world