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When I last stocked up my nut supplies, I included lots of bags of Asda’s Good and Balanced Brazil nuts at 85p per 100g. MySupermarket is great for making sure I order the cheapest pack.

Today, I decided to use a couple of those bags to make a Brazil nut butter. I’m having nut butters quite a bit lately.

Smoking Hot Brazil Nut Butter

2 x 200g packets, Brazil nuts, £1.70/packet, £3.40
60ml olive oil, £2.99/litre, 18p
2 tsps Scwhartz hot smoked paprika 34g/£1.70, 50p
2 tsps honey, 424g, £1.11, 3p
Salt and plenty of fresh ground black pepper

Total cost £4.11
Priced at Asda, using mySupermarket in January 2017

Put everything in a food processor and process for about 2 minutes until the mixture forms a nut butter. Store in a jam jar. This made a little too much to go in a standard sized jam jar, about a jar and a third.

I used 2 packs rather than 1 as I wasn’t sure that my food processor would do the necessary with the smaller amount.


The nuts by themselves made a good nut butter, but I thought it was just a tad too thick to be easily spreadable. So I added a little oil. As I am trying to have healthy fats on LCHF diet, I decided to use olive oil. Any oil at all would be fine, maybe even a splash of water, fruit or vegetable juice, oil from a jar of tomatoes/ artichokes/ anti pasti. You may find it’s fine without anything added, see what you think.

The hot smoked paprika in this version gave it quite a hum of warmth. If you don’t want that, use sweet paprika instead. If you like it really hot, add some more. Taste it and adjust to however you like it.


I like that little bit of sweetness from the honey. The honey can be replaced with a few raisins or other dried fruit, or muscovado sugar or palm sugar for a sweet nutty hit.
Nut butters can be flavoured with many things. Grainy or Dijon mustard; a little acid in the form of lemon juice, vinegar or a tablespoon of chutney; seeds are lovely too, I particularly like the addition of pumpkin or sesame seeds.

You could really mix it up and do a combination of nuts, a handful of dried fruit and a couple of tablespoons of sesame and pumpkin seeds. That one might be next on my list!


Asda sells Meridian’s Brazil nut butter at £6 for 170g, although they are out of stock. No other supermarkets were showing it on mySupermarket at all, although there were a couple that had Brazil nuts in the nut butter as a partial ingredient.

Healthy Supplies are selling 170g jars for £3.75 each, if you buy 3 or more.

At this price, the home made batch would cost £1.48 for a 170g jar. So the home made batch is less than half the price (40%) of the cheapest ones I could find, and of course you can flavour it anyway you like and ensure only the things you want go in it. I was really pleased with this and will definitely be doing it again


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A brisk Sunday walk and a mulled wine apple crumble
Creamy Leek & Cheese Toasty