Wild Garlic Pesto

I have left the ‘Hello World’ default header of this new blog as it seemed appropriate! I am very new to this blogging lark, so am bound to make lots of mistakes, I hope you will bear with me when I do.

Anyway, the purpose of it is to provide recipes to enable you to feed yourself for £1 a day, hence the header, One Person, One Day, One £1. I was going to put One Pound, but it isn’t as eye-catching 🙂

I am aiming for full meal plans to feed 2 adults for £14 a week with recipes, meal planner and full shopping lists. Cheap meals!

I have already drawn up 3 plans of 7 days each. One is based around chick peas, red lentils and bacon, one around a chicken and some cheese, and the third around corned beef. Each will feed 2 adults, providing enough calories to feed an adult woman and an adult male. I am very excited by it and can’t wait to share the plans with you – I am hoping at some point that there will be some readers out there!

A few years ago, I was cruising round the Martin Lewis site and answered a call for recipe testers. That was the beginning of a lot of time helping Weezl to develop www.cheap-family-recipes.org.uk. I learnt a great deal during that time, I thought I had already got my food budget as low as it could go. How wrong was I!  That site shows you how to feed a family of 4 for £100 a month. During the mammoth recipe testing phase, I found many recipes that I still use today, including making pastry for pies using vegetable oil instead of butter or spread. Much cheaper, and a lovely short pastry. But more of that later

I’m off now to try and work out how to load up these 7 day plans

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Wild Garlic Pesto