Week Five Meal Planner – Brie, Chicken and Eggs
Back in Kendall for the day

We set off bright and early this morning to drive 300 miles back home. It wasn’t a bad trip at all, we didn’t stop much, just wanted to get home.

First thing I did, after picking up the mountain of post on the mat, was check the greenhouse.

All looked fine, phew. The radishes still look ok, if a little wilted, so I topped everything up with lots of water. The asparagus that had been peeking through is now over long. We’ll try some tomorrow and see if it is edible. Plenty more coming through. The tomatoes have leapt up and will need potting up a size. The peas are scrambling up the net, and the broad beans will need staking soon.

The rhubarb is now officially a forest, so we’ll pick some, and may freeze some down for later. The leeks need using up.

Goodness knows how loud the shriek will be when I jump on the scales tomorrow morning. But whatever, a menu plan needs to be drawn up, stores need to be reviewed and normal service resumed.

Mike and I enjoyed our break enormously and I would love to do a similar thing again, stopping off here and there. There are LOADS of places that I would like to explore. It isn’t a frugal way of holidaying of course, and we are lucky to be able to eat out and travel round in the way that we have this last week.

Mike is a terrible passenger, and much prefers to do the driving, so I am left to dream away the time on long drives with nothing much to do. On the way back today, I was musing on cheap holidays, for families, couples and singles and any other combination. I think it would be worth a discussion here, do you think? So before I explore it, do you, lovely readers, have any good ways of getting a break away that don’t cost much?

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Week Five Meal Planner – Brie, Chicken and Eggs
Back in Kendall for the day