Two books and a lipstick
Peanut butter and jam mug cake, mmm, too easy

Do you remember about this time last year, I did Live Below the Line UK for Action Aid? I have been talking about it for the last couple of weeks.

Why Action Aid? Because they are a charity that concentrate on women and girls in extreme poverty around the world. Why £1? Because that is the equivalent amount that 1.2 billion people around the world have to live on, every day, and not just for food either, for food, education, housing, health and everything else besides. I hope to raise a total of £200 this year. If you can spare a couple of pounds, please follow the link on the sidebar to donate.

I will be taking the challenge starting Wed 15th April, to Sun 19th April. This is what I shall be buying with my £5. I bought the Tesco items this morning in our little local Tesco in Heathfield, the Aldi and Asda items I may ‘buy’ from the store cupboard as I already have them.

2.5kg spuds, Tesco 49p
1 kg onions, Aldi 39p Super 6
1kg carrots Tesco 49p
500g parsnips Tesco 49p
Savoy Tesco 49p
250g butter 85p
value marmalade or jam 27p
500g oats Aldi 39p
500g chickpeas, Asda £1.09
Total £4.95

According to myFitnesspal, this list provides 57% carbs, 22% protein, 20% fat, and there are plenty of veg
There is a total of 9148 calories, which is 1830 per day. I have kept it a bit below the daily 2000, as I am trying to lose weight

I am currently planning to do the below meal plan, although that may well change as I go along 🙂

Oats and jam x 2
Oats, fried in butter,  jam x 1
Bannocks, roasted veg hoummus x 2

Parsnip and chickpea soup x 2
Mixed veg and chickpea soup x 2
Rosti of potatoes, crushed chickpeas, mixed veg x 1

Jacket spud, butter, chickpeas and sauted veg x 2
Buttery oven chips, chickpea and veg melange x 2
Chickpea pancake, veg, x 1

Bannocks and jam or roasted veg hoummus

I’ll keep you updated with how I get on. I know I shall miss big mugs of tea already!



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Two books and a lipstick
Peanut butter and jam mug cake, mmm, too easy