LBLUK - Day 3
LBLUK - Day 1

Day two almost done

Porridge and jam again for breakfast. It’s not as filling made with water. or rather, it is filling, but it goes down quickly and I want something else after a couple of hours.


Went to a U3A Science group meeting this morning. Very good, interesting, lively discussion. So absorbing, that when the convener offered coffee, he remembered that I take decaff and said ‘decaff Lesley?’, and I said ‘yes please’, then drunk it. Completely forgetting that I am not supposed to accept free food/drinks whilst on LBL. Oh dear.

Home for lunch, a soup of bits of all the various vegetables I have avaiable, with the inevitable chick peas. Made a big pot, so enough for 2 bowls today, and 2 tomorrow.

I then met a new friend to sort out some website stuff for the U3A, then home again to make some bannocks for breakfast tomorrow. DP liked the look of them straight out of the oven and swiped 3 and had them with some cheese! I roasted some veg at the same time to mash up and have with the bannocks.


Dinner this evening will be buttery mashed potato, savoy cabbage, fried onion and chickpeas all mixed together and shaped into patties and then fried to give a crispy outside.

All mixed up, ready to go.


Lots of water again today, notwithstanding the illicit coffee.



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LBLUK - Day 3
LBLUK - Day 1