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I’m sitting here talking to you aching pleasantly and a bit cobwebby. In fact, I’ve just popped to the loo and noticed that half my hair was covered in gritty web! I don’t mind spiders or creepy crawlies, but I don’t particularly want to be decorated by them!

We have our planning permission, but before we can get going, detailed plans need to be produced and buildings regulations people involved. The latter are lined up and waiting to go, the former are in the pipeline and being actioned.

So in the meantime, we are doing as much prep as we can. This afternoon, we were up in the loft – it was FREEZING – sorting and sifting. Getting rid of stuff, wondering why on earth we had kept THAT, putting things aside to be passed on etc etc. It’s actually quite nice having this period to do it in. We don’t have to exhaust ourselves because builders are waiting, we can take our time, not be rushed. So we do an hour or so at a time, then stop.

The Stairs


To get the stairs in, the existing bathroom wall needs to be moved over a few inches. And to do that, we need to shuffle the toilet and basin nearer to the bath. They won’t look squashed together, there are quite a few inches spare in there. The bath will eventually be removed and as big a shower as we can fit in the space installed. But that part can wait. We didn’t want to get to the point of having to move the wall and find ourselves with an open plan loo! So Mike will be organising the loo and basin move in the next couple of weeks. Then that will be that part done. The flooring in there is horrible and desperately needs changing. It’s difficult to clean and ripped in several places. It was worn out when we moved in 11 years ago, but we’re far too mean to change something when we knew we would be doing these changes at some point. So I’ll be very glad when that can be done. And it will be lovely choosing tiles without millions of other decisions having to be taken at the same time.

The wood burner is now lit and we are warming ourselves with free wood from scraps and pallets. Nothing like the warm glow of ‘Free’!

Our Walk

Two people walking

This morning, before having anything to eat, I suggested to Mike that we did our walk. ‘Our walk’ has become a daily event now. Sometimes very long, sometimes, not so much. Mike likes to walk to exercise and he’ll often drag me out when I really don’t want to, which is good for me! I’m a bit of a sloth by nature. Much preferring to curl up in a corner with a good book than doing anything active. I had seen on one of those many get fit programmes that have been on telly recently that if you exercise while in a fasting state, you will burn twice as many fat calories as if you did the self same thing after eating breakfast. So off we went, round what we call the big block, which is more steps than the usual block. It was very nice walking weather today. Warm enough to have to take off hat and gloves after a bit, followed not long after by coat as well. We did 8000 steps, and another couple of thousand tootling round the house. So pleased with that that.

Just as well we went when we did, it’s currently absolutely tipping it down with rain! That will get rid of the snow, hope it doesn’t freeze tonight!




Other Fitness

The plank

My posture is appalling and I need to strengthen my shoulders to try and improve it. Legs and bottom are ok due to all the walking we do.  Flexibility has also taken a big knock after stopping going to the gym. I read over last weekend about a program where you very very slowly increase your effort. So slowly, you don’t notice. So in the first week, each day, you do 1 press up, 1 squat, 10 seconds plank etc, for whatever exercises you want to include. The next week it’s two, the next week, three, and so on. Until, before you know it, you’re up to significant numbers. So I’m doing that too. The squats are fine, the press-ups more a work in progress!



I’ve just finished a cracking book, one of those hard to put down ones.  It’s called Good Me, Bad Me and it’s the story of Annie whose Mum kills small children. Annie reaches the age of 15 and finds the strength to turn her Mum in to the police. She is currently in a foster home, and now named Milly, waiting for the trial.  I guessed the ending, which I don’t usually do, so it must be easy to do. I enjoyed it very much. It was tense, never knowing which way Milly would jump, and the tension built throughout. The Mum is horrifying and terrifying, still terrorising her poor daughter. If you want to have a read of it, many copies are currently available for 1p plus postage.

I’ve also been enjoying  A Twisted Tale. It’s several books, each one taking a classic fairy tale and asking a question. I’ve read the one that asks, what if Sleeping Beauty never woke up. And I am currently reading the one that asks what if Aladdin had never found the lamp.

They seem to be pitched more at Young Adults, but I don’t really mind that. I find the premise and the exploration of the theme interesting. The characters are more than the usual cypher in folk tales, and are allowed to be proper people

So that’s some of what I’ve been up to recently. What about you, anything happening?





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Books I've Read, down at the Library and how to find books you'll love
Lofts and Manuscripts
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