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Emptying out the loft (1)

Planning permission

Yesterday we finally, finally, had confirmation from the architect that our planning permission has been granted. We started it in June 2016!! There are several clauses that he has to go back to them with, but the basic permission is there. Hooray! I’m not too sure where we go from here, but those clauses notwithstanding, we’ll need detailed drawings and to engage a building inspector to schedule in inspections. And to book in a builder to do the dormers. Mike is intending to do much of the rest himself. It’s all very exciting and I can’t WAIT to start!

buildings plans

This is the proposed plan for the new upstairs.  It is a loft at the moment, with boarded floors so we can walk about, but no habitable space. The bedrooms won’t be as large as they appear as there will be sloping ceilings, but even so, looking forward to all that extra space!


My diary

I’ve cut back on a lot of diary engagements so I have more free days to do things with Mike. I’ve been really enjoying having nothing in particular to do each day, although of course, I’ve been just as occupied.

But I’ve had more time to just sit and read which I enjoy. A friend recommended Camino Island, the latest John Grisham, who I like.

She passed on her library copy that has to be back by the 19th. I finished that a couple of days ago and enjoyed it immensely, although the end was a little bit too ‘fair’. I won’t give it away, in case you want to read it. The characters were well drawn in the main, and I was unsure what was going to happen, which is always a good thing. Bear in mind though, that I am the kind of reader who doesn’t even guess the red herrings!

Someone is about to make a killing . . .

The most daring and devastating heist in literary history targets a high security vault located deep beneath Princeton University.

Valued at $25 million (though some would say priceless) the five manuscripts of F Scott Fitzgerald’s only novels are amongst the most valuable in the world. After an initial flurry of arrests, both they and the ruthless gang of thieves who took them have vanished without trace.

Now it falls to struggling writer Mercer Mann to crack a case that has thwarted the FBI’s finest minds.

I got a 45 minute walk in yesterday morning by going the (very) long way round to the hairdresser on my way to get a haircut. I was intending to nip out and walk round the block later in the day, but it snowed, rained and hailed, as well as blowing half a gale, all afternoon. Never mind, I did 7000 steps, so not too bad. And it gave me the opportunity to snuggle up on the sofa and finish off that Grisham, which was a great read.


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Loft, Fitness and Books
Emptying out the loft (1)
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