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Leftover Coffee

Coffee grounds – do you do anything with yours once you have enjoyed your lovely fresh coffee? The leftover grounds are coarse and acidic.  I usually just chuck them on the compost heap, the worms love the nitrogen in them, or I tip them at the base of hostas in an attempt to keep the slugs away. But it appears that I have been wasting a valuable resource!

10 ingenious ideas to use those grounds – including using them as an exfoliator, giving your soil a nitrogen boost, giving paper an Antique look for craft projects, and using them as a dish cleaner which is ingenious.

and here are some more ideas on what to use grounds for in your garden

There is a comprehensive article here on Back Yard Boss on how to use grounds in your garden, and what it does when they’re there. Quite a bit it seems, I think I need some more of them!


The Daily Mail lists 20 uses for grounds – including getting rid of fleas on a dog and as a meat tenderiser. Apparently, they can be used to clean your hair, the Mail saying that the grounds get rid of product in your hair. I might have to try this one!  They also talk about using grounds to make gorgeous smelling candles, that sounds lovely.

They would also make a good exfoliant. There is a lot of debate around micro beads at the moment and how bad they are for the environment and wildlife. If we can use something natural like coffee grounds, or salt (which I have used and know works well) we could do our bit for ridding our seas of the micro bead and still have lovely smooth skin. When I use salt, I add a little to some nice smelling oil, so I could do the same with some grounds and see what happens.

Because they are acidic, acid loving plants really appreciate them. They are so acidic in fact, that enough of them can change a pink hydrangea on alkaline soil to a blue one. Apparently coffee shops might give you their grounds at the end of the day if you need lots. And you might need lots now you’ve seen all these great ideas! as the owner of an acidic, heavy clay, garden, I am particularly interested in the soil improving aspect of adding lots of grounds.


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Love Your Leftovers - Takeaways
Gorgeous Granola Breakfast Bars, 24p. Super simple to make