Meal Plan 10 – based on sausages, sardines and soft cheese


The Tenth Meal Plan – we’re in double figures! The usual caveats apply, it shows 3 meals a day, plus some cakey extras to fill any gaps, for 7 days, for 2 adults. Change the meals around to suit yourself, combine the shopping list of ingredients in any other way that suits you, add extra ingredients that you may have, just use one of the recipes, leave out anything you don’t like or need or change anything else that you see fit.

You and the 2nd person you are feeding may not need all the calories a day. Only you know what you need, I will leave this part of it to you to adjust. Many of the recipes are freezeable, so if you have the facilities, you could freeze the extra, or carry the ingredients forward to the following week.

If you do use anything from here, I would love it if you let me know how you get on.

You will need to be accurate with your measuring with some ingredients, and can be more free-handed with others. Look at the column of leftovers to see what you can be generous with.

As usual, use the Cakes and Bakes at any point during the week when you need them, as an extra at lunch, a pudding after dinner, for supper, or any other hungry moment. Or if you and the 2nd person you are feeding don’t need this many calories, healthwise, these would be the best things to leave out. I’ve also found with most plans that if you follow them, and leave out the cakes and bakes, the calories are at a level where you will lose weight. So plenty of fruit and veg, tasty food, and a diet plan on £1 a day.

You will need £14.95 at the checkout, but the food eaten comes to £13.70 (if you also have all the suggested leftover snacks)

We have both self raising and plain flour this week. The self raising is for the pancakes etc. This week we are making toad in the hole for which plain flour is a must, so we’ve had to buy two bags, but a lot will be left to take over to next week.



caramelised onions

day 1herby pancakes and a poached eggsardine paste sandwichveggie lasagna, chips
day 2pancakes, jampitta with carrot, lemon, soft cheeseherby omelette, chips, peas
day 3porridge with  jam or sugarsardine paste sandwichveggie lasagne, chips
day 4herby pancakes and a poached eggpitta with carrot, lemon, soft cheeseherby omelette, chips, peas
day 5pancakes, jamherby bannocks with sardine paste or caramelised onions, or cheesetoad in the hole, peas
day 6porridge with jam or sugarpitta or sandwich with olives and soft cheesepea fritters, chips
day 7porridge with  jam or sugarherby bannocks with sardine paste or caramelised onions, or cheesetoad in the hole, peas
Cakes & Bakes   
pancakes and sugar or jamherby scones or plain ones with sugary tops 
herby bannocks with sardine paste or caramelised onions, or bannock digestives 

There are more options this time with the meals being more suggestions than anything else

When you make porridge, use 60g of oats per person and a dollop of jam or sugar

For the pitta or sandwich with soft cheese and olives on Day 6, you can use either the remaining 2 pitta, or 4 slices bread, your choice. The recipe includes some thick slices cucumber and a smear of garlic, neither of which we have on this plan. If you have them available, great, pop them in. If not, don’t worry, it will still be delicious

When you make the sardine paste, use half for the sandwiches on days 1 and 3. Use the remaining half with the herby bannocks on days 5 or 7, or with the cakes and bakes options

The cakes and bakes pancakes do not have any lemon available on this plan, although of course, you may well have some in the cupboard. Or if you have opted for lemon curd, that would work well here

Some of the lunches are light on calories, so make sure you have something from the cakes and bakes list to go with your lunch, that’s what they’re for


Items not used in the plan, that can be used as snacks:

Depending on what you use on Day 6, there may be 2 pitta

There is 100g of cheese and 8 slices of bread, so cheese sandwiches, or cheese on toast. Or you could use the cheese with some of the bannocks on days 5 and 7

Use the milk in tea/coffee, or in the pancake mix, in the oats, or just as it is

There are 200g oats left, so you could have extra porridge, maybe using the milk there

Use the jam with scones, or on the bannocks, on your porridge, on the spare bread, toasted, or with the pancakes

You could roast the remaining onions and carrots and use them whenever you want to, or extra veg in the lasagne. The extra chips can be used as bigger portions or a snack

Take the extra sugar and oil over to next week


AsdaLeft at the end of the week
litre oil£1.10 375ml
1.5 kg self raising and 1.5 kg plain flour£0.90 50g
bag sugar, kg£0.57 475g
carrots, kg£0.59 200g
onions, 2kg£1.07 800g
peas, 1kg£0.78 25g
tin of beans for lasagna, + one for paste£0.48
value jam (or marmalade or lemon curd)£0.29
mixed herbs£0.25
6 eggs x 2£1.40
1.5kg SP oven chips£0.75 250g
chosen by you, 8 sausages£1.18
loaf, 800g brown£0.36 8 slices
soft cheese£0.71
value pitta (6)£0.49 2 pitta
a lemon£0.30
oats£0.75 200g
olives, 100g£1.00
milk£1.00 370ml
 200g Bowland cheese £0.40 100g
Nutrition 33,630 cals, (31,500 needed)
2000 plus 2500 calories per day
10% protein, 37% fat, 53% carbs, 24g fibre pppd
Govt. recommendations 10-35% protein, 20-35% fat, 45-65% carb, 25g fibre pppd
Current recommendations have moved from 5 a Day for fruit & veg, to 7 a Day.
This plan has, per person, a total of 6 portions pppd
 A total of 5 red, 24 orange, 13 green, 39 white, 0 purple
 If you have any raisins, a tblsp a day will give you your purple portion

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