Meal Plan 7 - Lasagna, 62p a serving, 31p if you stretch it to 4
Meal Plan 7 - Mixed Veg Soup with Bacon, 22p a portion

This is a dinner on Meal Plan 7, served on Day 4.

100g bacon, 75p/500g, 15p
100g onion, £1.08/2kg, 5p
100g carrots, £1.18/2kg, 6p
100g white cabbage, 52p/900g, 6p
half a tin of tomatoes, 31p/tin, 16p
90g red lentils, 20p/100g, 18p
50g soft cheese, 88p/200g, 22p
tblsp oil, 1p?

First of all, prep the veg. Peel and slice the onion, maybe into half moons for a change. You could just give the carrots a good scrub, or peel them if you like. Cut them on the diagonal into thin slices. Shred the cabbage, including any thick centre stem.

Chop the bacon into small pieces.

Put the tblsp oil in a thick based pan and add the bacon. Crisp it up a bit. Add the onion and carrots and saute for a few minutes. Add the cabbage, red lentils. tomatoes and half a can of water. Cover and simmer gently until everything is cooked, about 15 minutes. If the casserole has too much moisture at this stage, boil it quicker until it is the thickness you prefer.

Stir through the soft cheese. Now taste and season with salt and pepper. Add some herbs if you like, some fine chopped rosemary, a bay leaf, a few basil leaves, half a tsp of dried mixed herbs. You could add 1 or 2 of  worcestershire sauce, a tblsp of tomato sauce, soy sauce, fish sauce if you like! If it needs sweetness, a tsp at a time of jam, if it  needs sharpness the worcestershire, or a dab of vinegar, not too much, a tsp at a time.

serves 2, total of 89p, 45p a portion
per serving 436 cals, 27g protein, 17g fat, 41g carb

Very variable, you can add other veg, like sweetcorn, diced swede, dark green cabbage, mushrooms, chunks of potato, peeled or unpeeled, whatever you have and want to use. You could add some chickpeas, large brown or green lentils, any type of bean. It could be served with garlic bread, crispy croutons on top, a bit of rice, mash, saute or baked potatoes, lovely, fluffy dumplings, maybe with some herbs or cheese mixed into the mix, or plain old bread and butter

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Meal Plan 7 - Lasagna, 62p a serving, 31p if you stretch it to 4
Meal Plan 7 - Mixed Veg Soup with Bacon, 22p a portion