As at 4th December 2018, you will need £16.19 in your purse at the checkout, but the amount of food actually consumed (if you follow the plan fully) comes to £14.44 or £1.03, per person, per day.

This plan was first written in Jun 2013, and now, over 5 years later, I’m delighted that it still adds up and that you can still eat for £1 a day

The column headed ‘left at the end of the week’ is what you can expect to have left in the cupboard. You can carry that over to next week, or use it for snacks etc, as you wish.

Priced at Asda December 2018you will needleft at the end of the weekDec-18Nov-17Aug-16Jun-15Aug-14Jun-13
litre SP UHT milka litre £0.52£0.57£0.49£0.49£0.49£0.53
6 medium free range eggs6 eggs £0.89£0.89£0.85£0.70£0.97£1.00
600g cooking bacon500g100g, 11p£0.67£0.57£0.57£0.80£0.75£0.81
2kg onions2kg £1.50£0.44£1.00£1.07£1.08£0.98
1kg carrots1kg £0.65£0.45£0.45£0.57£0.83£0.80
2.5kg potatoes1.6kg890g, 46p£1.30£1.25£1.29£1.38£1.50£1.18
1kg frozen peas1kg £0.72£0.76£0.76£0.78£0.98£0.98
value range tin sweetcornthe tin £0.35£0.35£0.35£0.35£0.35£0.32
Asda SP 400g passata or tomatoesthe tin £0.28£0.34£0.30£0.31£0.31£0.29
Asda SP 500g raisins or mixed fruit500g £1.39£1.59£0.84£0.84£0.84£0.84
1.5kg value sr flour1.4kg95g, 3.2p£0.45£0.52£0.45£0.45£0.45£0.45
800g value wholemeal loafthe loaf £0.55£0.59£0.50£0.40£1.00£0.47
500g granulated sugar500g £0.65£0.64£0.45£0.49£0.79£0.88
500g Asda red lentils500g £1.15£0.75£1.13£1.09£1.00£1.00
Asda SP 200g salted peanuts150g50g, 12p£0.48£0.48£0.48£0.48£0.48£0.48
1 litre veg oil855ml145ml, 16p£1.09£1.09£1.05£0.99£1.25£1.35
500g I can’t believe it tastes so good205g295g, 59p£1.00£1.00£0.8045p,250g, Best for Baking£0.45£1.10
1kg value Oats860g140g, 10.5p£0.75£0.75£0.75£0.75£0.75£0.75
Good and balanced 500g dried chickpeas500g £1.15£0.75£1.12£0.95£0.95£0.95
Asda SP tomato ketchup most of it, 20p£0.38£0.38£0.36£0.36 £0.18
Asda marmalade270g170g, 10.4p£0.27£0.27£0.27£0.27£0.27£0.27
£1.03 per person, per day        
2000 plus 2500 calories per day      
11% protein, 35% fat, 54% carbs, 28g fibre pppd      
Govt. recommendations 10-35% protein, 20-35% fat, 45-65% carb, 25g fibre pppd      
Current recommendations have moved from 5 a Day for fruit & veg, to 7 a Day.      
This plan has, per person, a total of 2.5 portions of red, 21 orange, 6 green and 34 white and 12 purple. This gives a total of almost 11 portions of fruit and veg a day each 


day 1Raisin PancakesLentil soupChickpea Crumble
day 21 egg, 1 toast, 1 toast and marmalade with spreadHoummous and grated carrot sandwichPotato, sweetcorn and onion cakes
day 3100g porridge person, made with total of 250ml milk, sugar to tasteCarrot & Lentil SoupFalafel & Grated Carrot Salad
day 4Raisin PancakesHoummous & grated carrot sandwichRosti made with potato, onion, peas and bacon
day 51 egg, 1 toast, 1 toast and marmalade with spreadLentil SoupChole & Nan
day 6bacon sandwich, butter and  ketchup. Use 2 slices bread and 100g bacon per person and as much ketchup as you likeCarrot & Lentil SoupSweetcorn Fritters, Oven Wedges & Peas
day 7100g porridge per person, made with total of 250ml milk, sugar to tasteBacon &Sweetcorn Pie, Mash & Peas. Pudding of Marmalade Baked SpongePea Soup
 Cakes & BakesFruit Loaf 
Fruity Scones
Oaty Biscuits

Use the Cakes and Bakes at any point during the week when you need them, as an extra at lunch, a pudding after dinner, for supper, or any other hungry moment. Or if you and the 2nd person you are feeding don’t need this many calories, healthwise, these would probably be the best things to leave out (speaking as a sweet thing lover – sorry 🙁  Or how about a good old British compromise, make them and make them stretch over a longer period of time 😉

An optional 8th day using most of the leftovers



Weekly Meal Plan 1



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