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Meal Plan 2

As at the time of the latest re-price in late December 2018  – you will need £16.16 in your purse at the checkout, but the amount of food actually eaten comes to £11.94. So a positively miserly 85p per person, per day.

I am so pleased that this plan is still pricing up, first written in September 2013

The column headed ‘left at the end of the week’ is what you can expect to have left in the cupboard. You can carry that over to next week, or use it for snacks etc, as you wish.

priced by mySupermarket, at Asdayou will needleft at the end of the weekDec-18Nov-17Aug-16Aug-14Sep-13
value wholemeal loaf£0.55£0.59£0.45£0.45£0.47
35g cinnamon or mixed spicea few tspsa lot of it, depending on how liberal you are with it, 35p£0.49£0.49£0.70£0.49£0.49
a bulb of garlichalf a bulbhalf a bulb, 10p£0.20£0.25£0.30£0.25£0.25
1kg smartprice carrots700g300g, 20p£0.65£0.45£0.45£0.58£1.18
500g raisins45g, 13p£1.39£1.59£0.84£0.84£0.84
a head of broccoli, not frozen£0.58£0.50£0.38£0.49£0.80
25g pack fresh basil£0.55£0.70£0.60£1.00£1.00
4 lemons£0.82£0.95£1.36£0.97£0.85
125g Smartprice salted cashews£0.48£0.75£0.75£0.75£0.65
veg oil, 1 litre560ml415ml, 45p£1.09£1.09£1.05£1.25£1.25
310g jar black olives100g, 17p£0.54£0.59£2.00£0.68£0.90
300g value soft cheese£0.74£0.74£0.74£0.61£0.75
6 wholemeal or white pitta£0.49£0.55£0.50£0.49£0.22
500g red lentils£1.15£0.75£1.13£1.00£1.00
2kg smartprice onions1.3kg670g, 50p£1.50£0.44£1.00£1.08£0.98
tin tomatoes£0.28£0.34£0.30£0.31£0.33
Asda 92g garam masalaa few tspsmost of the packet, £1£1.25£1.25£0.60£0.72£0.72
500g couscous50g, 6p£0.65£0.65£0.65£0.65£0.68
1kg frozen peas300g700g, 50p£0.72£0.76£0.78£0.98£0.98
200g tube tomato puree140g60g, 11p£0.37£0.70£0.35£0.35£0.35
value self raising flour, 1.5kg200g, 6p£0.45£0.52£0.45£0.45£0.45
granulated sugar, 1kg230g830g, 54p£0.65£0.64£0.45£0.79£0.88
value pasta, 500g£0.29£0.32£0.29£0.29£0.29
2 sachets dried yeast5g1 sachet, 14p£0.28£0.64£0.28£0.28£0.28
2000 plus 2500 calories per day
11% protein, 27% fat, 61% carbs, 22g fibre, pppd
Govt. recommendations 10-35% protein, 20-35% fat, 45-65% carb, 25g fibre pppd
Current recommendations have moved from 5 a Day for fruit & veg, to 7 a Day.
This plan has, per person, a total of 7 portions of fruit and veg per person, per day

You will need to be accurate with your measuring with some ingredients, and can be more free-handed with others.

day 1Cinnamon Toast x 2Lentil Soup & Croutons,Salted Cashew Couscous,
day 2Raisin PancakesSalted Cashew Couscous,  leftovers from last nightPasta with Tomato, Olives and Soft Cheese
day 3Cinnamon Toast x 2Broccoli Pesto in PittaPancakes filled with Carrots, Onions and Peas in Soft Cheese
day 4Raisin PancakesOlives and Soft Cheese in Pitta.Broccoli Pesto Pasta
day 5Carrot & Raisin Loaf,Lentil Soup & Croutons,Tomato Dahl and Couscous
day 6Carrot & Raisin Loaf,Tomato Dahl and Couscous, leftovers from last nightBroccoli Pesto Pasta
day 7Broccoli pesto on toastCarrot, Lemon and Soft Cheese in PittaOlive Drop Scones, Crispy Fried Onions, Carrot Ribbons and Raisin Salad
Cakes & Bakes Raisin Biscuits
Pancakes with Lemon and Sugar
Also make Caramelised Onions to use through the week as desired

Day 1
Breakfast If you have bought Mixed Spice, use that here.
Lunch Use 2 slices of bread to make the croutons
Dinner I would add the nuts at the last minute to the couscous next time I made this as they went rather soft left overnight, and you may like to toast them first

Day 3
Lunch. Use salted cashews instead of the hazelnuts in the recipe. Use the Pesto recipe in 1 pitta each, you can be liberal with the pesto, there is plenty for the uses made of the batch during this week. If you want to make max use of the pesto, divide it into 10 portions and use 1 each here. The pesto freezes well for the unused part of the batch this week.

Day 4
Lunch. Use 40g soft cheese and 50g olives per pitta, finely chop half a garlic clove, if liked, or use a smear of paste

Day 5
Lunch. use 2 slices of bread to make the croutons
Dinner.  Use 100g couscous in place of the rice, or if you have any in, and you prefer, use rice. Make a double batch and use half at lunch time tomorrow

Day 7
Breakfast. Broccoli Pesto on 2 slices Toast. Use some of the pesto you made previously

The garam masala is only used in the Tomato Dahl, so if you have any other spices in, you could use those. GM is a versatile spice and can be used in many different things.

If you make bread, then the sachets of yeast are poor value. It would be much cheaper to use a pot of yeast. On re-pricing in 2017, I couldn’t get 2 sachets at all, so had to get a pot.

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Weekly Meal Plan 2


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