Robin Bobbin moves out, DAC and tortilla
Robin chicks, Resolutions lunch and Basics cheese spread (1)

Yet another pancake variation this morning. After the WI lunch yesterday, I had some raspberries left over. So this morning, I used self raising flour as usual, but instead of water, I used raspberries. They had been frozen, so were very juicy, and I had added a good splash of creme de fraise des bois (strawberry liquer) and some sugar, so loads of juice.

The batter was Barbie pink bright, but after cooking they were a most peculiar mix of pink and brown. I had them with a sliced apple and a small blob of soft cheese. Verdict: delicious. So yet another variation to add to the ever growing list.

This afternoon, I was up in the loft, and amongst other things, I took an inventory of the food stocks up there. There are not 1, but 2, undercounter sized freezers up there. Neither of which are supposed to be used full time. We have a fridge freezer in the kitchen, and really, that is the only one that is supposed to be used. I found several things I had completely forgotten that I had!

There are 3 different types of bottled mushrooms from Approved Foods, lots of jam, both HM and AP. Even more olives. Mandarins, mushy peas, stewed steak, HM piccalilli, tins of green beans, and so on.

So now I have a (very long) list, plus a broad idea of what I have in the larder and freezer down here, I can more effectively meal plan to use what I have. Or, as they say, shop the cupboard first.

We had roast chicken this evening, so a chicken curry is on the cards for tomorrow, with HM nans, brown basmati and onion bhaji’s. There are lots of pots of plums in the freezer, so DP waggled his eyebrows, which interpreted means, ooh, plum crumble.

I have loads of bags of various shaped AP pasta, and one of the things I want to do is the Coconut and Mango curry sauce, but used as a pasta sauce, with a nice crispy side salad. Not sure whether to keep the chickpeas in it or not yet. DP liked it last time (as a curry dish, with rice) but wanted more chilli heat.

Was talking to a foodie WI friend yesterday about the Basics fish fingers and burgers and what to do with them. She suggested a crispy fish burger, which sounds good. Cooking the fish fingers to crisp them, then chopping them up and reformatting into a burger. Might need to bind it together with a tiny bit of egg. Perhaps on crushed potatoes with glazed carrots. Sound good?

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Robin Bobbin moves out, DAC and tortilla
Robin chicks, Resolutions lunch and Basics cheese spread (1)
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