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By special request, here is the recipe I used for today’s batch of muffins. From the same book again that I have been using, Susan Reimer’s Muffins: Fast & Furious. There are several recipes using oats, which Mike really likes, so I have tweaked this one to include them, and changed a couple of other things too. You could add oats to any other muffin recipe too, just take out several big spoonfuls of flour and replace them with oats. You can’t actually taste the oats in the baked muffin, but I like the idea that they are there. I wanted to use mincemeat as I bought 4 big jars of it to make things at Christmas and didn’t even open 1 of them!

The baked muffins are really good and poor Mike has been battling scoffing them all evening 😉

To make the usual batch of 12, you will need
200g plain flour
2tsps baking powder
Or use self raising flour and no baking powder
80g oats
1/2 tsp salt
85g sugar
280ml milk
240g mincemeat
90ml oil

muffins, uncooked

Pre heat the oven to 375F/200C/fan 190C/gas 6
Put muffin cases in a 12 hole tin
Mix all the dry ingredients in one bowl, and the wet ingredients in another bowl or jug. Mix everything well in both bowls, then mix the two together, just enough to combine, mixing too much will make them tough.
Divide the mixture between the 12 muffin cases and bake for 20-25 minutes until browned and the top springs back when pressed. These were really easy, as I suppose all muffins are really, and I will definitely be making them again to use up that mincemeat.

Mincemeat & Oat Muffins

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We're in the press.....
And in other news.....