Easter egg tasting and a delicious competition to win some
Did you work it out?

I’ve had mushrooms on toast for breakfast a couple of times recently. But it’s really filling and I think it would also make a great lunch or simple supper dish. Perfect for one. Very quick and super simple. Only 220 calories, but keeps me going until lunch, may be that big punch of protein.

Mushrooms on toast

150g Mushrooms, 32p
30g Basics value soft cheese, 74p/300g, 7p
Slice bread, 2p
Total cost 41p

Per serving 220 calories, 29g carbs, 7g fat, 13g protein

On mySupermarket today, the supermarkets were listing mushrooms at the £2.13 a kilo level, so no shop in particular is cheapest for this.

Wipe and slice the mushrooms. Fry until golden, no need to use oil if you don’t want to.

Toast your bread. Mix the soft cheese in the hot pan with the mushrooms to make a sauce. You may need to add the tiniest splash of water, a tsp or two. Add a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Pile on top of the toast and devour.


If you’re having to for lunch or supper, maybe add a bit of greenery, or sliced tomatoes. Add some mustard for a bit of a kick: slice in some garlic: add some turmeric and ginger or any other curry spices: add a tsp or two of tomato purée: leave out the soft cheese and this is vegan, add a vegan cream substitute or make a little sauce with things like soy, tomato purée, spices, miso etc: mix the mushroom types if you have the chance to get any. If you are a confident forager, this would be fabulous.

this has become an instant favourite!


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Easter egg tasting and a delicious competition to win some
Did you work it out?