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Well this first recipe tested ok, good start. It has quite a lot of oil in it to get the calories in. If you don’t need that, you could cut the oil down quite a bit. If you have it, you could use olive oil here. There are 2 servings of fresh vegetables per person. It is substantial, filling and good to eat, very important when times are particularly tough. Whether or not this stays in the finished plan, this is a good recipe for anyone stuck without power. It tastes so nice in fact that I keep sneaking a teaspoonful every time I go past!

Serves 2
166g couscous, Asda 500g/65p, 22p
180ml veg oil, Asda 1 litre £1.25, 22p
2 tblsp lemon juice Asda 250ml/50p, 6p
200g carrots, Asda 59p/kg, 12p
100g onion, Asda 78p/kg, 8p
2 tblsp Asda Red Tomato Pesto, 88p, 29p
120ml cold water
salt and pepper
Total cost 99p, 50p a serving
Per serving, 1168 calories, 13g protein, 78g carbs, 90g fat, 9g fibre

Reduce the oil to 30ml to make 547 calories and 21g fat

Put the couscous in a large bowl and add the oil, lemon juice and water. Grate the carrots, no need to peel unless the outside is a bit manky. Peel and chop the onion finely.

Add the vegetables and pesto to the couscous. Season with salt and pepper. Stir it all well to distribute everything evenly.

Now leave it to stand for 15 minutes or so, so the couscous can absorb the oil and water. The standing will also take that raw onion taste away.

If you have any other vegetables, they would all work here. I wouldn’t go much over the total of 300g of vegetables, or the couscous will disappear and you will just have a dish of raw veg. So in your 300g you could have sweetcorn, raw and grated parsnip or swede have a lovely peppery flavour, radish sliced fine, a few raw peas, fine sliced fennel, beetroot, spinach leaves.

I think nice combinations would be parsnip and sweetcorn; radish and peas; beetroot and spinach; swede and peas.

This is deliberately a whopping amount of calories and fat. I had to use about 600ml of oil in this plan and there aren’t many places to add it. This would give a person about half their daily calories and in the context of the entire weeks plan is within bounds. The weeks plan is 46% carb, 43% fat and 10% protein.

So, inspired by that success, onwards and upwards!



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Walks, books and muesli
Lampshades, nails and meal plans