Balls, Bums and Wedding Pics
Bircher Muesli, from 24p

I know sandwiches are hardly a recipe, but I wanted to go through the quantities and prep, just to be clear.

For the hoummous and carrot sandwiches
Serves 2
Tin of chickpeas, drained, use half the tin. Asda 4 for £1, 12p
100g carrots, grated, no need to peel, Asda, 2kg/£1.18,  6p
30ml veg oil, Asda 1litre/£1.25, 4p
4 slices wholemeal bread, value loaf, Asda 40p, 7p

Total cost 29p, 15p a sandwich

Mash the chickpeas with the oil, using a fork, until they are as smooth as you can get them. Season with salt and pepper.   Spread on 2 pieces of bread. Grate over the carrots and top with the remaining slices.

If you have a little garlic, or a squeeze of lemon juice, that would be good here, in the hoummous.

Keep the remaining half a tin in as cool a place as you can manage. Soak a tea towel in water, wring it out and wrap the tin in it. The evaporation will help keep the remaining chickpeas cool until you use them,

For the peanut butter sandwiches
100g peanut butter, Asda 340g/62p, 18p
100g white cabbage, 6p
50g carrot, Asda, 2kg/£1.18, 3p
100ml mayonnaise, Asda,500ml/50p, 10p
4 slices wholemeal bread, value loaf, Asda, 40p, 7p
Total cost 44p, 22p a sandwich

Chop the white cabbage really finely. Grate the carrots, no need to peel unless the skin is manky. Mix the veg together and add as much mayonnaise as you would like.
Spread the peanut butter evenly over 2 slices of bread. Top with the coleslaw and cover with the remaining slices.



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Balls, Bums and Wedding Pics
Bircher Muesli, from 24p