Cauliflower Stalk Pesto
Salted Cashew Couscous 30p a serving

These gorgeous little Olive Drop Scones were in today’s edition of ‘The I’. The paper billed them as a snack, but I think they would be scrummy as a main meal.

With a bit of tweaking, we can frugalise these to make a very cheap meal.

To make a different and scrumptious dinner for 2
150g self raising flour, 45p/1.5 kg 4p
2 beaten eggs, Asda 30/£3.10, 21p
100ml milk, 53p/litre, 5p
50-150ml water
20 black olives, several types available at 20p/100g, 30g, 12p
50g soft cheese, 61p/250g, 12p
Half tsp garlic paste, 2p?
56p for the whole thing, so 28p each

Put everything except the soft cheese and garlic in a bowl and add enough of the water to make a nice thick batter. Stir it all well.

Heat a frying pan or griddle and dribble in a little vegetable oil. Drop in tablespoons of olivey batter and cook until golden. Turn over and cook until the second side is also golden. You may need to add a little more oil. Continue until all the mixture is used up.

Stir the garlic paste into the soft cheese.

Share the drop scones and garlicky cheese between two plates and enjoy.

If you have any salad leaves available, they would go well here, maybe with a little dressing.

If you have any herbs, several would work, some fine chopped rosemary, shredded basil or sprigs of marjoram or thyme. Mix them into the uncooked batter, and/or mix a few into the soft cheese.

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Cauliflower Stalk Pesto
Salted Cashew Couscous 30p a serving