Pottering in the kitchen and finding uses for plums
Plums, plums and more plums

Lunch today was this scrummy sandwich – I have only just finished eating it. This is a real quality sandwich, it would cost £3 or £4 from a shop.

For quite a few years now, once a month, I have coffee with a friend in The Baytree, one of the independent little coffee shops in Heathfield. We were talking about food, as we often do, and one of us said about olives and soft cheese in a sandwich. My friend said that it was her favourite sandwich from High School. So as I had the last of a jar of black olives to use up, that was my lunch today.

Olive, Soft Cheese and Cucumber Sandwich

Olives on a sliceI am growing a small cucumber, called Gherkin, in the greenhouse this year, so that’s where the cucumber came from. If you can’t get any cucumber it will still be delicious.

2 slices bread, a value 47p loaf, 4p
50g Basics Soft Cheese, 75p/300g, 12p
Smear of garlic paste from a jar, 1p
50g olives, basics, 90p a 350g drained weight jar, 13p
Thick slices of cucumber, or something else crunchy if you have anything

More soft cheese ideas here.
Cucumber on a slice10p over our self imposed 20p limit for a lunch, but well worth finding that extra 10p from somewhere else in the day.

This was even more delicious than I had imagined. To go all Masterchef, the softness of the bread, with the salty olives and the soft creaminess of the cheese, tempered with the hint of garlic and the crunch from the cucumber. Totally yum.

So my anonymous friend, this is for you xx

per sandwich, 334 calories, 8g protein, 14g fat, 33g carbs


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Pottering in the kitchen and finding uses for plums
Plums, plums and more plums