Mixed vegetable dauphinoise for dinner, 47p
Plummy oats and a damson cake

We’ve been away! I would love to chat away to you on all the lovely things we do when away whilst they are happening, but Mike thinks it is a security risk and doesn’t like it. I suppose he’s right, it would be easy to find out where we live, so I, reluctantly, comply.

One of my sons-in-law likes to book a holiday from the Sun newspaper, those ones where they say it’s £9.50 for a holiday. This year he booked at a site in Dorset, Sandford. The caravan that we stayed in would have been four times as much if we had booked in the normal way, so definitely worth doing.

The weather, right up to the day before we went was wet and cold. It was difficult to know what to pack, should I take a fleece and a raincoat? In the event, from the minute we set off, it was hot, sunny and blue skies all the way! Amazing! I was wishing I’d packed a lot more cool clothes.

The party consisted of Mike and myself, my younger daughter and her husband, two step grandsons, one grandson and his little boy, my great grandson, aged 4, and my brothers daughter, my neice. It was wonderful to spend time with them all.

The outdoor pool was so heated that it was literally like a bath, GGS nearly nodded off in it at one point! He went from being wary of it to launching himself from the side to be caught, and almost swimming.

We had a trip out to the beach at Sandbanks, and my goodness what a beach it was. Golden sand for miles, shallow seas that children can safely play in, and not too crowded. The two previous days had been scorchingly hot but the day we went was the perfect day to spend on a beach. Not too hot, the sea was cold to start with, but that soon wore off. Lovely!


Yesterday we had a lovely family b-b-q on the beach at Bexhill, just hanging out with family and chilling. Great times. What a difference a bit of sun makes!

This weekend was the weekend that a Rock festival was on in Maidstone, the Ramblin Man Fair. Rock music is the kind that makes me want to jump up and down in glee. I’ve never been to a festival, and no-one I know wants to go either. I wouldn’t want to camp in the mud, but a day ticket or two would hit the spot. And guess what? My neice said she hadn’t ever been either, and she likes Rock music too. So we may well go together next year. How exciting!


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Mixed vegetable dauphinoise for dinner, 47p
Plummy oats and a damson cake